Rewatching Binge Time Needed

What can one do when you have way too many tv shows that you have on dvd and want to watch them over and over again? I am currently rewatching a bunch of shows – ok let’s go with comedy first, it’s Little Mosque On The Praiser which is a sitcom and I’m midway through 5th season and it has one more season to go. This is my second watch of this Canadian show. I am also on season 7 of Star Trek Voyager and season 6 of Star Trek Deep Space Nine – it’s the 8th and 2nd time for the shows respectively. Yeah I got into DS9 fairly late.

I am also on season 4 (my least favourite season) of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and season 1 of Angel. I have watched Buffy twice before (on cable and then on dvd) and Angel 5 times. I recently finished all 10 seasons of Stargate SG-1 and have started the two movies. I still have to start watching shows that I have been meaning to watch and have the first seasons of Altered Carbon, Marvel’s The Defenders, Jessica Jones and the two seasons of Daredevil to start on. And then there is shows that I have already watched and want to start a rewatch on like Babylon 5, The X-Files and Farscape.

I also have non-scifi shows like The Listener, Cold Squad and Flashpoint that I want to rewatch. There is just way too much of tv shows that I want to rewatch. And not to forget that the new seasons of current shows will start in October. Oh my!


Ugh! Yesterday was torture. My upset tummy was killing me. After I left here and reached the office about 45 minutes later I had to rush straight to the loo. And I went another 3 more times before I took an early end of the day at 12:30 am and came home to fall on my bed, tired as a …..I dunno what!

And to top it all off my team wanted to eat food delivered from a nice restaurant. They ordered naan, butter chicken masala, chicken tikka, allo parata and another chicken curry from Aangan restaurant while I was having a little soup with two slices of bread to dip it in and soak up all that soup. It was Knorr’s sweet corn chicken soup that you get in small packets. I was so tired after the 4th time in the loo at the office. My anus was crying out “please no more”!

I left by 12:30 am and Ubered on home and tried to watch a movie but I fell asleep midway through and woke up to no power. In between I had to go to the loo again but I’ve been awake for over 90 minutes and I feel somewhat better.

Stomach Bug Attack

Ohhh, I have the runs! I am sick and it’s probably the chicken – just one single piece – I ate with my biryani at dinner last night. This is from the cafeteria in our office by the way. I think that is the cause of the problem.

I woke up at 10 am and I visited the loo but I was ok at that time. I had a light breakfast of just two slices of toast and coffee. I wasn’t hungry at lunch time so I skipped it and at 3 I got two chappathis and put eggless mayo on it. I was feeling sick at that time and I’ve been to the loo a couple of times since then.

I feel bad but I gotta go to work in a bit. I will have to visit the loo again before I do so. Shit! I just want to go back to bed.

Child Abuse By A Parent Is Still Child Abuse

I feel sorry for some of the well-meaning but misguided and clueless relatives and other assorted people who say things like “If and when I did it (the thing they do not approve of you as a child doing) as a child, my father would beat me up royally. With a stick/slipper/belt/boot whatever he could find at the time”.

Now this is meant to discourage you, a child, to not do things that the elders / society doesn’t want you to do. Or even say or think.

The problem is what they are telling me is that they are celebrating the fact that their fathers were child abusers! To the point of having to be locked up. You father/fathers/uncles/grandfathers were “big men” who felt so good upon beating a small defenseless child. Of like 4 years old? 5? Uptil 10 or 12?

Wow, I bet your father felt so sexually charged up after beating a child. They felt like a man! A big man! A macho & manly man. “Now wife, go make me some tea while I masturbate!”

Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth is a 2018 Canadian-American post-apocalyptic science fiction/action film directed by Peter Howitt starring Gina Carano. Supporting cast include John Hannah, Ryan Robbins, Patrick Gilmore, Patrick Sabongui & Stephanie Bennett.

It’s a post apocalyptic futurist movie where the earth has had brutal climate changes, colloquially known as the Cloud Fall. The combination of pollution and relentless mining of Earth’s resources through industrialism has left the environment nearly unlivable and extremely hostile to human habitation. People trade using the barter system and water purifers nd silver, ground up to line the interior of breathing masks, to keep out a painful and fatal airborne disease known as Black Lung. Cars are mostly banned and anyone caught driving such a vehicle was given the maximum sentence, and numerous people have become bounty hunters, bringing in drivers and other lawbreakers in exchange for tabs and silver, dead or alive.

Carano plays Atticus Gage, a bounty hunter who after killing Chavo, a female outlaw, freeing several pilgrims in the process. After she collects her bounty from Sheriff Grubbs in New Montana, and her mentor Doc he tells her of the massive sum on the head of Thomas Jackson, an unusually industrious outlaw who is building a shelter-town for criminals, calling it Defiance. She takes on the persona of Chavo, as everyone in her group have died. She makes an impression on Jackson though his right hand man Lear is suspicious of her. Gage endears herself to Jackson by saving his life when Grubbs and a posse sneak into Defiance to try taking him out. Jackson decides to include Gage in his plans, which includes enslaving the entire region to work in the silver mines near his town, he offers Gage 15% of the cut of the profits in exchange for her services as a gunfighter, and unintentionally revealing a scar on his forearm, which Gage’s sister had made when she bit him, before he killed her.

Shortly after, Jackson took Gage, Lear and several men to capture pilgrims with armored vehicles and armed escorts. Among the pilgrims is Beatrice, one of the women Gage saved from Chavo earlier. She warns the woman to be quiet and patient. While Jackson and his men celebrate, Gage urges Melena, Jackson’s girlfriend, to leave Defiance that night, revealing her identity as a bounty hunter. She apprehends Jackson, but is captured immediately, having been betrayed by Melena, and also identified by Womack, who was now terminally infected by black lung. They briefly torture Gage, then Womack drives her out into the wilderness, and dumps her in a gorge.

She survives the fall, and manages to get back to New Montana, but contracted a severe case of black lung. Doc revives her and tends her wounds, and together, the two plot to take down Jackson and the entire town of Defiance. They liberate Beatrice and the other captives from the silver mine, then engage the entire town. Gage severely wounds Lear, and is saved from a sniper by a repentant Melena. Gage pursues Jackson to the mines and fights with him, leaving him to die in an explosion using dynamites. She returns to the town, where a wounded Doc had managed to dispatch Lear for good, cuts down the corpses hanging in the town entrance, and transports Doc back to New Montana by stretcher.

It’s an average film, a one-time watch which I wanted to see just because of Gina but Ryan Robbins gleeful portrayal of a baddie is also a good reason to check it out. Nothing special. A 6 outta 10!

Tuesdays Are The Toughest

When you work late evening shifts like I do, that is 6:30 pm to 3:30 am shifts, than Tuesdays are always the toughest. I always wake up late on Tuesdays and struggle through the rest of the day.

I left office by 3:45 am and reached home by 4:10am exact! I checked my clock as soon as I stepped into my room. So…. I wasn’t sleepy and I washed my feet and hands and took 4 Oreo cookies from the kitchen and started watching 2 episodes of Little Mosque On The Prairie. I will watch that or an episode of what other show I happen to be watching or rewatching like Star Trek Voyager or Star Trek Deep Space Nine or Buffy or Angel. Those are the shows that I happen to be in the middle of rewatching at the moment as I slowly make my way through the seasons.

By 5 am my eye lids were getting really heavy and as soon as the second episode I watched got over, I switched off my laptop, took off my glasses and switched the lights off. I went to sleep and woke up at only around 11:50 am but got outta bed only by 12:15 pm. Because I was tired as hell and had a headache that only went away after a cup of coffee. This is a usual Tuesday and I spend the rest of the time before going to the office in a daze.

Accidental Payment

I usually pay my phone bill & mom’s phone bill, which is in my name, around the same time. If not it’s just a couple of days apart as her bill due date is a few days before mine – the 15th and the 19th to be exact. We both have our service provided by Vodafone. But I usually pay off the bill earlier and try to pay them off online during the first weekend of the month if I remember.

10 days ago Vodafone accidentally credited someone’s payment of Rs.600 against my account! What could have happened is that the person who paid the Rs.600 at a Vodafone store either gave the incorrect number or had written down the number wrong if he or she was paying for someone else. Or maybe the way he/she wrote down at the store was in such a way that the person at the counter made a mistake. Or something!

I called them up to inform that the amount isn’t mine and they should try to reverse it to the person who paid it but it hasn’t happened yet. I told them to make a note against my account that I admit and agree that the Rs.600 isn’t mine and to please have it reverse as soon as the original payer calls up Vodafone to inform them about it. It still shows -Rs. 600 against my account.

Flash Before I My Eyes

 If your life flashed before your eyes, which three moments do you think you would see?

Hmmm, I can never say for sure but if I had to guess I think I know which three moments would pass before my eyes or flash before my eyes:

  • A moment from my childhood where I was extremely happy, playing games and eating/drinking the foods I loved as a kid and being completely innocent and free from tensions of the world.
  • When I got my dog Shawny and the first moments of taking her as a puppy back to my home. That kind of unconditional love has yet to be replaced and will never ever be replaced.
  • That time when I got my then girlfriend naked in my bed and lost our combined virginity. Oh, good times!

Prompt from 31 DAYS OF WRITING PROMPTS FOR AUGUST at The SitsGirls

Arsenal 3 West Ham United 1

Arsenal recorded their first Premier League win under new manager Unai Emery after Issa Diop’s own goal and Danny Welbeck’s late strike saw West Ham fall to their third straight defeat. The defensively frail Gunners came from behind to lead in fortuitous fashion as Alexandre Lacazette’s volley across the area deflected in off Diop. Hector Bellerin then picked out an unmarked Welbeck in added time and the substitute turned to lift his effort past Lukasz Fabianski. West Ham captain Marko Arnautovic put the visitors in front on 25 minutes, exchanging passes with the impressive Felipe Anderson before slotting low past Petr Cech.

Nacho Monreal equalised five minutes later, firing into an unguarded net after Bellerin’s cross deflected into the defender’s path off Alex Iwobi. Both Arnautovic and Robert Snodgrass then shot straight at Cech as the Hammers missed several chances to take the lead again, with former Gunner Lucas Perez also slicing wide late on in search of an equaliser. The first-half at times resembled a contest to determine which side’s defence were more inept, with Arsenal edging it. Their tactic of playing out from the back with Shkodran Mustafi and Sokratis Papastathopoulos split either side of Cech was too easy for West Ham to disrupt, particularly with neither centre-back looking overly comfortable or mobile enough on the ball.

Anderson exploited that space brilliantly throughout, carrying the ball from deep to drive at the Arsenal defence, before playing a one-two with Arnautovic through Mustafi’s legs and allowing the striker to pick his spot in the bottom corner from outside the area. Elsewhere, Arsenal failed to pick up runners, with the offside Arnautovic wisely leaving Michail Antonio’s through ball for the overlapping Snodgrass, only for the Scot to pick out Cech. The hosts escaped with a win here but better sides will both carve them apart and finish their chances if the defending does not improve.

Live Stream It Is

This year makes it 8 years since I stopped watching tv altogether and depend on dvd/blu ray, downloads and live streaming for watching my movies, tv shows and sports events. Well for sports it is just football for now. I watch football on live stream.

Earlier I used a free service called Vipbox but most of the links that they have are really bad and slow even on a good speed package and also most of them are illegal. Atleast I think that they are illegal. But I used that for several years, 2010 onwards I guess. Then recently as last year I found another live stream link called which was for sure is all illegal streams. How do I know that? Because the links go down every 5 minutes.

So I alternated between using Vipbox and astream for about a year when all of a sudden I got word that Hotstar, which usually advertises their local tv channel soaps and serials being available online for streaming for a fee, also has sports streaming. So earlier this year I signed up for just the sports package at just Rs.299 annually. That is an awesome package. But they didn’t have the World Cup so I signed up with Sony Liv which had the rights for streaming the WC games.

Though I must say that Sony Liv’s customer service on Twitter was pathetic and I had no intention of continuing beyond the month that I signed up for. Once the World Cup was done and two days later my month was up, I ignored their attempts to get me to continue.


Hostel is a 2005 American horror film written and directed by Eli Roth. It stars Jay Hernandez and was produced by Mike Fleiss, Eli Roth, and Chris Briggs; Boaz Yakin, Scott Spiegel, and Quentin Tarantino are executive producers. It is the first installment of the Hostel trilogy, followed by Hostel: Part II (2007) and Hostel: Part III (2011). The film tells the story of two college students traveling across Europe, who find themselves preyed upon by a mysterious group that tortures and kills kidnapped back-packers.

Two American graduate students, Josh & Paxton, on holiday are backpacking across Europe along with their Icelandic friend Oli. They have a grand time in Amsterdam, acting like total douches and having sex with prostitutes in the read light district. One night, they meet Alexie, who tells them about  a hostel in Slovakia filled with beautiful women, who are willing to sleep with any foreigners. The three friends travel to Slovakia on a train and have a strange encounter with a middle-aged Dutch business man who places his hand on Josh’s knee.

Brushing that encounter off, the three men are joined by two beautiful women, Natalya and Svetlana, at their hostel who invite them to the spa, and later to the disco. Paxton and Josh have sex with Natalya and Svetlana, while Óli leaves with the desk girl, Vala. When they wake up Oli is missing and Kana, a Japanese girl, shows them a pic of him with her friend, saying that he has left with her. At a party that night both Josh & Paxton are given tranquilizers in their drinks and Josh is tied up in an old factory and tortured by the Dutch businessman who cuts his ankles, makes him crawl and then kills him. Paxton wakes up in a store room having fallen unconscious there and tries to find Josh. Svetlana takes him to the factory where he sees Josh’s mutilated body and the Dutch businessman and freaks out.

He is caught by thugs and tied up. A German man severs two of Paxton’s fingers and the American pleads for his life in German. His hand gets free in a tussle and when the German rushes at him, he trips on some blood and cuts his own leg. Paxton takes a gun and shoots the German dead and hides among some hen takes the elevator to the top floor and enters the dressing room, where he changes into business clothes, and finds a business card for the Elite Hunting club, an organization where rich people pay to kill tourists. He also meets an American client, who mistakes him for another customer, and picks up his gun. Paxton then helps Kana, who is being tortured by the American client, kills him and helps her to escape.

In a stolen car they leave the compound pursued by guards. While driving, Paxton sees Natalya, Svetlana, and Alexei, and runs them over, killing them. Paxton and Kana make it to the train station, but after seeing a reflection of her disfigured face, Kana leaps in front of an oncoming train and kills herself. This creates a distraction, allowing Paxton to board another train unnoticed. He then hears the Dutch businessman who is there with his daughter and at a toilet stall, Paxton abducts the young girl and takes her away with him in another train while the Dutch businessman searches frantically for her.

While the first part of this film is downright silly, American frat boys yelling and being obnoxious, drinking and being stupid about sex, the torture part is chilling. 6 outta 10!

Life Returning To Normal In EKM Atleast

While rescue missions are seemingly done in Kerala and the cleaning and sanitation are in full swing while there are still people in camps and trying to find a home, the rebuilding stages seem to be a while away. As politicians do what politicians do and the arguments, disagreements and blame games begin in full form, the rest of wonder how long will it take for things to be back to normal. Have no doubts about it, Kerala will not be the same again but hopefully we will become wiser and better.

Meanwhile here in Ernakulam/Cochin live is back to normal for the most part. I went back to work from Monday and things were even more normal on Tuesday. Yesterday was a public holiday and so is Friday but I do have to go the office today. On Monday and Tuesday we had a lot of people still not able to come to work, especially those from the areas of Kerala which were badly affected. I hope most of them have come back from camps and are just busy with the cleaning and rebuilding parts of their homes.

After today I have the next three days off and here is how I plan to spend it; Friday – watch movies and some Star Trek tv show episodes, Saturday – go out and enjoy the day and see if cousin Sujith can join me for a nice lunch and finally Sunday – back again at home and sleep and watch movies with a heavy dose of Youtube video watching. Keep it simple.

Celeb Swap

Would you trade places with a celebrity for a day? If so, who would you choose?

Well, I know he is dead but I would have so wanted to trade places with Hugh Hefner when he was alive and live it up in the Playboy Mansion with all those sexy Playmates. Isn’t that the life? Lots of money, fun, drink, food and sexy women by my side. Nothing could beat it.

If not, I guess I would want to trade places with a male porn star and see what it’s like at a porn shooting and make it with one of my favourite female porn stars. Is it fake or is it always all real? I am not talking about the sex, you know.

I dunno, which celebrity would I want to try out being? I can’t answer that.

Prompt from 31 DAYS OF WRITING PROMPTS FOR AUGUST at The SitsGirls