Another 3 Day Weekend Coming This Way

Whaaat? I love this. We get another 3 day weekend and it’s next week. That is so awesome. This Friday is Durga Puja which is a Hindu holiday/festival. It isn’t celebrated much in Kerala but schools, colleges and most offices have a day off on the final day of the festival.

So once again, I will make plans and I will say that I will do this, this, this and also some of that. In the end….I will probably do none of them, which is like always, but I still plan and scheme for the long weekend plans. I think this time I am not going to say or plan anything. I will just let it flow and let things happen as they may.

But I am sure that there will beer and there will be pizza in those 3 days. And there will be watching of a few movies. Oh damn, did I just make a plan? I only wish I could have my tv delivered before this weekend.