DVD & Bluray – The Indian Debacle

Ok let me just say this out right – in India, when it comes to movies on Dvd & Bluray everyone, barring the really rich, goes to torrents or gets bootlegs. Though a lot of us have also turned to proper legal online streaming options like Amazon Prime, Sony LIV or Netflix, the vast majority of us illegally download our movies. Why is it so?

The price, which is ridiculous. Case in point a) this 6 film collection of the 4 Alien movies plus Prometheus & Alien : Covenant will cost me Rs. 3,399 in dvd format or Rs. 4,999 which are huge sums to spend on movies. Yes compared to direct currency conversions they may be on par or slightly below even perhaps but the differences in what a person has to spend from their salary for this versus what a person here has to spend. That just isn’t the same and it’s a huge difference in what it means to spend that kind of money for an Indian living and working in India.

I have decided to spend some money on getting dvds but for the most part creating a good sized collection is going to be a very costly affair for someone like me. And I earn a pretty good salary here. This is why I feel that they need to really look at the dvd & bluray prices in India for films from Hollywood, Canada & the UK.

Abandoned Reunion Lunch

Just like I predicted, this long weekend did not pan out like I had hoped to at all. I slept a lot, especially last night which was about 9 hours. That is crazy! I never sleep that many hours on regular days. Anyways, I ended up feeling like I lost 2 days of the week and only today did I go out and get stuff.

I went out this afternoon at around 12:30 pm and the plan was to meet up with a few former colleagues and friends for a long overdue lunch. However that was not to be as one friend had a death in the family and was called away even before he could reach and the other person had a sick child. So the remaining 3 of us called it off and postponed it for another weekend. I went and got a pizza for lunch.

Post that I went to Big Bazaar and got some shopping done for groceries and stuff. Then as it was a hot day I treated myself to a nice sundae and then I came back home to relax.