Earth’s Time Running Out

That is what I truly believe and that the damage that we, humans, have done to our home planet may be more than we can handle and there might be no going back. Whether we will come up with a planet wide cleaning technology to get rid of the dirt, garbage, filth and pollution remains for the time being atleast a figment of science fiction (or more like fantasy).

Perhaps in the coming 100 years or so things change and the governments of the world invest in technology that will eventually clean up our planet and we end up with a “paradise like” earth, as seen in Star Trek. But again – science fiction right – it does not look likely. Unless we get that done, the best option for humans and animals is that we find another planet/moon or planets/moons where it is either already suitable for earthlings or we can terraform it (if such a technology can exist) and we can start afresh. There is a reason I say planets or moons for us to find and settle on.

We are overpopulated. The earth’s resources will dwindle down and eventually run out. With the way that us greedy humans are consuming, polluting and not giving back enough we and the animal kingdom will suffer in the long run. Let’s hope it never comes to that but it will be good to find such planets and the race to colonize them will be critical.

Once They Are Gone

How do you remember and honor loved ones who have passed?

While I understand some of you attach religious ceremonies to remembering and honouring lost loved ones, I don’t feel that it makes any difference. As an atheist I do not believe in the unproven place called heaven (or hell, because I am sure that the husband of one of my aunts, is in hell or pathaal if there is such a thing and justice prevails) and when you die, you stay dead and it’s like the time before you were born. You stop existing!

Having said that, the grief of losing someone you care about doesn’t go away just like that. I choose to remember the good times and say a cheers in the memory of the person. Especially if they liked to drink. Also, like for example there are a couple of movies that I associate with people who have died and whenever I watch those movies, I remember them. Or other stuff like sports or music.

Other than that, try and live up to their examples and expectation whenever possible and never forget what they meant to you.

Prompt from 30 DAYS OF NOVEMBER WRITING PROMPTS at The SitsGirls