DVD & Bluray – The Indian Debacle

Ok let me just say this out right – in India, when it comes to movies on Dvd & Bluray everyone, barring the really rich, goes to torrents or gets bootlegs. Though a lot of us have also turned to proper legal online streaming options like Amazon Prime, Sony LIV or Netflix, the vast majority of us illegally download our movies. Why is it so?

The price, which is ridiculous. Case in point a) this 6 film collection of the 4 Alien movies plus Prometheus & Alien : Covenant will cost me Rs. 3,399 in dvd format or Rs. 4,999 which are huge sums to spend on movies. Yes compared to direct currency conversions they may be on par or slightly below even perhaps but the differences in what a person has to spend from their salary for this versus what a person here has to spend. That just isn’t the same and it’s a huge difference in what it means to spend that kind of money for an Indian living and working in India.

I have decided to spend some money on getting dvds but for the most part creating a good sized collection is going to be a very costly affair for someone like me. And I earn a pretty good salary here. This is why I feel that they need to really look at the dvd & bluray prices in India for films from Hollywood, Canada & the UK.

Abandoned Reunion Lunch

Just like I predicted, this long weekend did not pan out like I had hoped to at all. I slept a lot, especially last night which was about 9 hours. That is crazy! I never sleep that many hours on regular days. Anyways, I ended up feeling like I lost 2 days of the week and only today did I go out and get stuff.

I went out this afternoon at around 12:30 pm and the plan was to meet up with a few former colleagues and friends for a long overdue lunch. However that was not to be as one friend had a death in the family and was called away even before he could reach and the other person had a sick child. So the remaining 3 of us called it off and postponed it for another weekend. I went and got a pizza for lunch.

Post that I went to Big Bazaar and got some shopping done for groceries and stuff. Then as it was a hot day I treated myself to a nice sundae and then I came back home to relax.

Modem Dead

So I didn’t have broadband at home for the day. Last night, I switched the modem off as it was thundering and lightning and as I usually do, I pull the plug of the board that has my laptop, speakers and modem connected and I also remove the Ethernet cable that is connected to my laptop.

About an hour later as the lightning and thunder died down, I plugged it all back up, only to find that the modem lights were not switching back on. I tried it again and saw that it had died on me. This is the second Asianet provided modem that has died on me. I guess the last time, well over a year ago, as well was due to lightning or so it seems.

I have coverage on the modem so they had to replace it for me but it just seems odd that this happens. And what’s worse is they were supposed to come in this morning and then when I called in the afternoon on not seeing anyone they were supposed to come in this evening and yet here I am at 11:47 pm with Asianet not coming through on their promises yet again.

Their customer services have become bad on a regular basis.

Blogger Honest & True

Do you share your real self online?

Mostly, yes. I would say….hell….I think I do share my real self online. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or this here blog, I am true to myself. I mostly have shares my life on this blog, some of which I have held back because those are deeply intimate thoughts. Everyone has a dark side, everyone has a shade of black where our deepest and darkest thoughts emanate from.

Those thoughts, for me atleast, are temporary and come when I have had a tough time and in moments of frustration and anger. A little while later, I will back to my usual self and these thoughts go away. I am fun loving most of the time and I believe in being fair and treating people in a nice manner (and hopefully get that back) but you know, the world is not like that and you have a lot of assholes who are out to ruin things for everyone else.

My fears and hopes, my likes and dislikes, my thoughts and ideas and my wishes for mankind (and dogkind and kittehkind) are etched in words and black & white on this blog. This is me, open and as I am. No bullshit!

Prompt from 31 DAYS OF OCTOBER WRITING PROMPTS at The SitsGirls

Village of the Damned

From 1995 we have Village of the Damned is a 1995 American science fiction-horror film directed by John Carpenter and a remake of the 1960 film of the same name which in turn is based on the novel The Midwich Cuckoos by John Wyndham. The 1995 remake is set in Northern California, whereas the book and original film were both set in the United Kingdom. The 1995 film was marketed with the tagline, “Beware the Children”, and stars the late Christopher Reeve (in his last film role before being paralyzed), Kirstie Alley, Linda Kozlowski, Michael Pare, Mark Hamill, and Meredith Salenger.

In the quaint coastal town of Midwich in California’s Marin County, we see a sort of fog or mist pass through during the early morning hours and everyone including humans, animals and birds fall unconscious the same morning at 10 am. The military comes in and when their men cross the town border they fall unconscious too. 6 hours later everyone wakes up at the same time and find a couple of people died in accidents. Later they discover that 6 women, of different ages, are now pregnant including one woman who hasn’t had sex in months and a virgin teenager. None of the women seek abortions, and later all the babies are born simultaneously on one night – five boys and five girls, though one female is stillborn.

The children are all healthy and sound, but have pale skin, unusually soft, flat-sided platinum blonde hair; fierce intellect, and cobalt eyes. However, they do not appear to possess a conscience or personalities. The children display eerie psychic abilities that can result in violent and deadly consequences whenever they experience pain or provocation. Except for David, the others pair off as they know they are supposed to mate later in life. David is smaller, and is unlike the rest of the children in that he has a capacity for human emotion, and compassion. He and his mother Jill McGowan (the local school teacher) share a brief conversation about this, displaying empathy and remorse. The children’s leader is Mara, the daughter of a local physician, Dr. Alan Chaffee.

Even as a baby, Mara exhibited vengeful tendencies with regard to the use of her abilities, using her mind to force her mother to boil her arm in hot soup and commit suicide by jumping off the cliff. The children, who are by now known to have a hive mind, eventually move to the local barn as their classroom and for survival. The town folk learn that there are other colonies of blackout children in foreign countries, but due to their inhuman nature they were quickly eliminated, in some cases at the cost of destroying the entire town. Government scientist, Dr. Susan Verner, is forced to show the children the preserved stillborn baby she secretly kept to study, and the preserved corpse is seen to be undeniably alien. The children collectively force her to fatally stab herself.

An angry mob gathers to kill the children, but the leader is forced to set herself on fire and burns to death, and later the state police are mentally controlled into shooting each other in a chaotic gun battle. Using a method that Susan taught him, Alan hides his thought from the children by envisioning a sturdy brick wall and then plans to detonate a suitcase filled with explosives. The children begin to suspect that Alan is hiding something, and they slowly “destroy” the wall. Finally, Jill shows up, but the children stop her and attempt to use mind control. David, tired of this, rushes to her defense and knocks Mara over. The children turn on David, but Jill rushes him from the building. As soon as the children discover that Alan is hiding his knowledge of the bomb, it detonates in an enormous explosion, killing Alan and the alien children.

Jill and David, however, are safe in a car fleeing the site; she says that they will both move to a place where nobody knows them. David looks off into the distance as they drive away. I wish they could have made a sequel to this. I like the cast and the acting. It’s a good enough film for a late afternoon spin. 7.5 outta 10!

Money! Money! Money!

Write about your relationship with money.

I love money but I wish we didn’t need money for survival. I have a love/hate relationship with money in that I always want more but hate that I do. I need things and for that I need money. Also, I can never save. Every couple of months I end up saving a quarter of my salary and I prematurely pat myself on the back. Alas! It soon turns out to be short lived.

I have a good salary at the moment but for several years I was underpaid and I couldn’t do much about it. Now, it’s much better but I could use more. Twice what I am getting. Three times what I am getting. Infact I want to win a large lottery so I can retire and enjoy my wealth. I want to purchase more things and make my folks very comfortable. I would like to have the things that I want and have enough to travel abroad.

But I do wish that we are in the 24th century era of Star Trek and we didn’t have to have any form of currency to live. No one works for money but you can replicate the things that you want and need, including food, drink, clothes, luxuries, materials needed for homes, musical instruments and you don’t have to play for travel, etc etc. That is a dream!

Prompt from Cheryl Strayed’s writing prompts

Another Inconvenient Harthal

So now we have another harthal that will be inflicted on the state. The people of this state have got their priorities so ass backwards. We do not need or want and certainly could avoid more of these kind of strikes and disturbances in the daily life. It’s not certain yet but if what I am hearing is true, then this is going to be a 24 hour harthal.

If it starts at midnight then I will have to leave early from the office as I may not get cabs beyond 11 pm and it will be very difficult for me to get back home. This will also mean that we won’t be able to work on Thursday and will have to compensate for it during the weekend. With Friday being a holiday we will have to work on either Saturday or Sunday. Now, since I have people in the batch that live in towns or cities away from Cochin, it will be best to make them work on Sunday instead of Saturday so that they can get 3 days off continuously.

If I have to make them work on Saturday instead, then they will have 2 days off and then work on Saturday and then take Sunday off. That will be inconvenient but it’s not the end of the world. I guess I will find out later today.

Pet Or Companion?

You’re going to adopt a pet other than the species you currently own – what would you adopt and why?

I add this to the category “Family” in my blog as pets are family. If you have a pet, they are part of your family. Currently I don’t have any pets, well except for the fish that my dad keeps in the home. Mom or he feed the fish and sit for a little while staring at them going around in the little tank. Oh yeah at the crows and pigeons that come to our balcony and whom we feed rice too. And in the case of the two crows, we give them bits of breakfast too.

If I could keep a pet, it will definetely be a dog. If I had more space, 2 dogs. If I had a wife, I’d get 2 dogs and 2 cats. Perfect, hum do hamare do do! I’m not too keen on kids or being a father but I like furkids. Ah to be the loving human to a loving dog or dogs again. Cats too. Cause I had two cats when I was a kid and they share a lot of love too. And both are entertaining.

A dog will do. Loyal companion who I can shower a lot of love on and be loved unconditionally back.

Prompt from November Blog Prompts at Blog Paws.com

Dealing In The Dark Arts

Although I am aware that such perceptions exists, whenever I hear stuff like this I am in awe of the stupidity. Yet another Christian, specifically Roman Catholic, was under the assumption that atheism means worshiping the devil and being involved in the black arts and stuff like that. Take a moment to soak in the level of the stupidity.

I know this is what several Christians believe. I am sure that Hindus and Muslims have similar beliefs no doubt taught to them by their so called learned wise men of the cloth and perpetuated by them. Though, I have yet to be called doing the work of Satan or similar such things by Hindus or Muslims. It is usually Christians who claim or say or ask that.

Though I must say that my sympathies lie with Lucifer in the stories of Christian mythology. Always! Hail Satan!

2018 Star Trek Movie Rewatch

Since 2014 I have decided to do my Star Trek movie marathon every two years. So in November of that year I started watching all 12 movies that were released until that point. Remember this is only the movies since the series will take a much longer, longer time to get through all the shows and episodes.

I did the same thing in 2016 but this time I had the 2016 release Star Trek Beyond to add to the list. So this year as well we will have the 13 movie Star Trek movie rewatching that is due every two years. I guess I will start in November but since I have a 3 day weekend coming up this week due to Friday being a holiday, I could actually start it earlier. Nah, I guess I will wait for the new tv to arrive and start then. Which could be next weekend!

Question is should I start with The Motion Picture (1979) which is the first ever movie or start with Star Trek (2009) the reboot/alternative timelime/Kelvinverse? I usually start with TMP but this year I guess I could start with the 2009 movie. Oh well, I will decide once I start it off.

Another 3 Day Weekend Coming This Way

Whaaat? I love this. We get another 3 day weekend and it’s next week. That is so awesome. This Friday is Durga Puja which is a Hindu holiday/festival. It isn’t celebrated much in Kerala but schools, colleges and most offices have a day off on the final day of the festival.

So once again, I will make plans and I will say that I will do this, this, this and also some of that. In the end….I will probably do none of them, which is like always, but I still plan and scheme for the long weekend plans. I think this time I am not going to say or plan anything. I will just let it flow and let things happen as they may.

But I am sure that there will beer and there will be pizza in those 3 days. And there will be watching of a few movies. Oh damn, did I just make a plan? I only wish I could have my tv delivered before this weekend.


I am so tired. I have just completed a week at work doing the 1:30 am to 9:30 am shift. Yes, you read that correctly! The dreaded shifts of all dreaded shifts.

I would reach home by 10:30 or maybe just before and go straight to bed. I would wake up either by 3:30pm or 4 pm and have coffee and whatever little food is there. Nothing too heavy. Maybe a sandwich with just mayo and lettuce. During these past days I watched a movie on some days and a few tv show episodes on others. I would sit at the computer and try to relax.

I would try and get a couple more hours of sleep like at around 9:30pm and wake up at 11:30 pm so I can be a bit more refreshed. I would brush my teeth, get a coffee and by midnight I would shave and shower and get ready to go to work. I hail an Uber and go to work. I can’t do that for a long time but once in a while this shift is ok, even if it is tiring.

Headline News!!

Write a headline you’d love to read in tomorrow’s newspaper.

Aliens exist and they are friendly and want to share their technology with us in reducing pollution, cleaning the air and waters, reducing heat and too much cold weather, obliterating poverty, hunger, famine, homeless and diseases and making everyone’s life a luxurious one! They want to do this and also share space travel with us so we can go out and explore the galaxies around us.

Religion is declared as false and people throw away their holy books and shun all gods!

Arsenal win the Champions League! The Ottawa Senators win the Stanley Cup! India wins the FIFA World Cup after Roshan scores 5 goals in the final!

Prompt from Cheryl Strayed’s writing prompts