The Search For Spock’s Horses

So I had posted in October that I was planning my 2018 Star Trek movies rewatching. This is something I do every 2 years and usually towards the end of the year, November-December. I have watched the first 3 films and I was reminded of something.

As a kid I only remember the Star Trek Motion Picture but I don’t remember watching the full movie. I am talking about when I was 7-9 years old, (1983-85) though the movie came out in 1979. But that’s when I remember my extended family watching and talking about that film and how excited they were then an Indian actress, Persis Khambatta, had a major role in it. The only other Trek movie I remember watching before I became a Trekkie at the age of 19 in 1995 was Star Trek III : The Search For Spock.

Back in the late 80s & 1990s we had memberships in a few VHS video lending library. And at one small one in Palarivattom, I remember picking up the Search for Spock as I was curious about the franchise. I must have been 13 or 14 at the time and didn’t know much about Star Trek. For some reason, I remember this movie having the Klingons riding on horses. I dunno why but that’s what I remember even though it’s not in the film. Although when I later watched the movie many years later, I did not remember the story but I was trying to look out for the horses.

This time too on Sunday, when I was rewatching the movie for the 10th time, I was looking out for the horses. No horses anywhere!

Book Rereader

Are you a book rereader? Tell about a favorite you have read many times.

Ofcourse I am. I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t reread at least some books in their lives and I think if you don’t at all you are either someone who has a photographic memory and does not need to reread as you have it all memorized or you are not really very interesting at all.

I have reread most of my favourite books, mostly novels, but also a couple of non-fiction books like Bjorn Borg’s Autobiography. Novels I’ve reared a bunch of books by Stephen King, Michael Chricton, John Grisham, Anne Rice, Sidney Sheldon and even a few Jackie Collins novels. Shame! Shame! Shame!

I don’t remember every detail about the books so I reread. I also enjoy them the same way that I enjoy listening a loved album, movie or tv show. You want to continue enjoying the things that you love. So I reread.

Prompt from 31 DAYS OF WRITING PROMPTS FOR DECEMBER at the SitsGirls