Too Cheesy?

It had been 3 weeks or so since I had gone out for anything other than work and I felt that I was due a day to go out for lunch and some shopping. Nothing too major, just lunch and buying groceries and supplies. I asked my cousin if he could join me and although yesterday he said that he was game, this morning he wasn’t feel too good.

So I was on my own and with no agenda than just a nice lunch and shopping at Big Bazaar, I left my apartment by 12:45 pm and took an Ola to The Burger Junction. I made the mistake of ordering the cheesy fries with minced beef and salsa along with my Dark Knight burger and shake. The fries were good and the mince beef was good but the cheesy sauce mixed with the salsa put me off and I couldn’t finish it.


The burger and shake were awesome and I idled over there for a while. By 2:30 pm I went to Big Bazaar in Center Mall and bough the usual things I buy. Soaps, deodorant, sugar, apples, Pringles, bread, garlic & jalapeno mayo (my fav) and chocolate. That’s all. Nothing major. I then went to get a soft drink as I was sweating by then and came home.