3 Reasons Buying A Holiday Home Is A Great Choice

Are you already planning your annual vacation? Wouldn’t it be great if this was already taken care of? Well, that’s one of the benefits of investing in a holiday home. You can have a place that’s always waiting and ready for you to enjoy whenever you want to get away through the year. There’s no more worry about getting the best hotels or beating the mad rush. Instead, you can simply book the flight and jet off to your property, regardless of where it is in the world. This is just one of the benefits of buying a holiday home. Let’s look at a few more and decide whether it’s the right choice for your needs.

A Solid Income

One of the best advantages of this type of purchase is that it won’t just provide personal benefits. You could use it for financial gains as well. Instead of simply using it yourself, you will be able to rent out the property regularly to families that you can choose and vet. You’ll be able to charge a solid fee to allow them to use your property for a couple of weeks at a time. If you choose the perfect spot, then you could see a tremendous ROI. Even if you don’t own the home outright, you’ll have paid it off in no time if you take this opportunity.

It’s not actually that complicated to achieve either. You simply need to use a service to advertise it online. Once you have done this, you will see offers pouring in and quickly get the reviews you need to turn it into a solid little money maker.

Your Own Slice Of Paradise

We all want to own our little picture perfect place in the sun. Well, a holiday home investment is a way to do it. When you buy this type of property, you can choose where you want to visit again and again. For instance, you might have loved your family trip to Florida. If that’s the case you could buy a home in The Villages Florida residents adore. There are so many reasons why these homes are popular from entertainment facilities to the wonderful community. Or, you could think about purchasing a spot somewhere close to Disney. There are plenty of properties for sale right now that will provide you with a gentle commute to all the best theme parks in Orlando.

If Florida isn’t for you, you could opt for something more exotic such as the Caribbean. Here, you’ll find plenty of properties that will provide years of memories for you and your family.

A Secure Investment

Last but not least, real estate is always considered to be a secure investment. This is far safer than simply keeping your money in a savings account and hoping that it gathers interest. With this option, you could quickly see great profits and if other investments fail, you’ll have a cash cushion to fall back on. You could even work to improve the property with renovations and then sell it when the time is right for a huge ROI.

Time To Let Loose Your Creative Side

Don’t think you can be creative? Always wanted to give art, music or performance a go but never had the confidence? We’re here to tell you, you can and it’s about time too. Getting into the Arts has never been easier and there are more and more ways to express yourself and learn some brand new skills.

We take a look at how you can make your artistic debut and find new skills and hobbies, no matter how old you are or how little experience you’ve had.


Scientific research all points to the fact that learning a musical instrument gives you more than just the ability to strum along to your favourite rock ballad. In fact, the very act of learning and practising music can improve your memory and help your spatial reasoning. Using both sides of your brain means you give your grey matter a full workout.

But can you just pick up an instrument and learn to play? The answer is a resounding yes. It might take you a little while longer than when you were very young but the art to learning is practice, practice and more practice. If you’re dedicated to the idea of playing guitar or piano or any instrument, quite simply the more you practice, the better you’ll get.

Perhaps your musical interest lies in the production end of things. Before you commit to buying the most expensive software, have a look at hip hop instrumentals online and practise your skills.

When you’re ready, why not take a music class at your local music school or hire a teacher for one-to-one lessons. Ask around and get a recommendation for someone who’s great with beginners. If you’re still a little shy to demonstrate your skills, then find your way up and down the scales using a YouTube tutorial.


Are you always doodling and would love to develop your skills even further? You’re in luck, painting and drawing is one of those hobbies that you can pick up with no more than a few pencils and some paper. As such, it’s relatively inexpensive and can be taken with you for long train journeys or waiting for the kids at football practice.

You’ll find a host of books at your local bookstore or library, not to mention tutorials online. Don’t be afraid to showcase your skills to trusted friends and family members and watch your confidence grow. For more specialised art forms such as pottery, you’ll need to either make a significant purchase for equipment such as a kiln or you’ll need to take advantage of an evening class. You won’t be alone as a beginner, most people will either be revisiting an old hobby or not have touched a potter’s wheel since school.


Now this one requires a little more courage, but you’ve got this. Why not? You were great at school, performed in plays and always harboured a longing to take to the stage. Combine this love of acting with a chance to make new friends and join your local amateur acting group.

You’ll probably start off in the chorus line but as you become more confident and acquire more skills, you’ll soon start landing the bigger parts. If you were to born to sing, consider the same process. Hiding at the back of your local choral group will soon change as you find yourself just as good as anyone else and competing for those significant solo parts.

If you enjoy performing, either as an actor or singer, you might even consider enrolling on a course to see how far your considerable talents will take you. You may even find yourself landing more regular singing and acting jobs on the professional circuits.

When you’ve spent so much time keeping your talents hidden, now is the time to set them free. Acquiring your skillset might not happen overnight but put in those hours and soon you’ll be painting, singing or acting up a storm. You’ll wonder why you spent so long telling yourself you couldn’t when all it took was a little courage to show yourself you can.

Start off with some private practise, following online tutorials and mastering the basics before you get ready to take your rehearsals offline and start showing the world what you’re capable of. A new hobby and the chance to meet some like-minded people is a great investment of both your time and your money so give in and finally let your creative side loose, it’s about time.

How to Make Your Home Infinitely More Relaxing

Sometimes, it can feel like people spend too much of their time trying to make their home look good, and not enough time on trying to make their home feel good. While it’s enjoyable to have a well-presented home, it’s much more enjoyable to have a house that allows you to fully relax and unwind; a home that offers a reprieve from the madness of the outside world. If your property is currently lacking in this department, then take a read below, where we outline some essential tips for upping your home’s relaxation qualities. Make them part of your property — you won’t regret it!

In the Yard

It’s easy to get wrapped up in focusing only on what’s happening in the inside of your home, but it’s important to keep in mind that the best potential for relaxation lies in your outdoor area. If you incorporate a few smart ideas into your yard, you’ll have an area that offers many hours of fun and relaxation, at least during the warmer months of the year. All you need is a table, chairs, and sun-lounger, and you’ll be all ready to go — but for the height of relaxation, look at adding a hammock. No-one puts a hammock in their yard and ends up thinking “that was a mistake.”

Relaxing Infrastructure

You can do everything to create a comfortable and relaxing ambiance in your home, but if the infrastructure isn’t quite right, then you won’t be as relaxed as you could be. So take a look at what you’ve got in the home, especially in your bedroom and living room, two areas where it makes the biggest difference. In your living room, look at adding plenty of soft pillows and throws, and also an adult size bean bag, which will take your home’s comfort credentials to another level. In your bedroom, it’s about investing in the best quality bedding that you can afford, and incorporating soft side-lighting.

Tech-Free Spaces

There’s no getting around that technology has been good for us, but we’d be kidding ourselves if we called it relaxing. While it has the potential to relax us — who doesn’t love sinking into the couch and watching a movie? — if we don’t get a break, and most of us naturally don’t, then our minds won’t be as relaxed as they could be. As such, why not look at designating one room in your home as ‘tech-free’? This’ll be the space where you light a candle, curl up with a book, and sink into several hours of peace. You’ll feel much more blissed out than you would if you were scrolling through your phone for the same amount of time.

A Touch of Luxury

Finally, look at adding a few touches of luxury: it’ll make your house feel more relaxing. Things like scent diffusers, candles, atmospheric lighting, and spaciousness — especially in your bathroom and living room — will all make your house feel that little bit extra relaxing, and will also improve the overall look, too.

Can’t Find Your Dream Home? Create It Yourself!

Have you been searching the market lately for a brand new home for your family? You probably have some key ideas about how you want this home to look or the features you would like it to include. A home is nothing short of a haven. So, we wouldn’t blame you if there were some very specific features that you wanted to be a part of it. This could be anything from luxury facilities such as a heated pool or jacuzzi to a balcony on the upper floor. Or, perhaps you would love a home with plenty of land that you can look after yourself.

It should be easy to find a home with all the key features that you want on the market right? Not so fast because there are a few speed bumps that you’ll need to get over first. For instance, it’s possible that the home you want is on the market but is nowhere near your budget. A home with a decent sized pool can sell for up to a million and then there’s the location.

If you do find it and can afford it, will it be where you need it? Likely not and many of us are tied down to a specific location when we buy a property. This could be due to personal or professional reasons. For instance, you’ll need to make sure that the home is within a suitable commuting distance to your work.

It’s also possible that the home you want doesn’t actually exist on the market. At least, not with all the features that you hoped for. There’s a reason why Mr Blanding Builds His Dream House is often viewed as a classic. It’s celebrates a concept that we all hold dear. If we choose too, we can build a brand new dream home, perfect for all the family that suits every desire we have.

As we see it then, if you can’t get your dream home on the market, you have two options. You can either build it. Or alternatively, you can transform your current home into a dream place to live which you can find more info on at https://brightside.me/creativity-home.

Let’s start by looking at building your dream home.

Beginning To Build

The first step is finding out whether building your home matches your budget. A lot of people think that building from scratch will be cheaper than buying a property on the market. It’s true, when you build you will be cutting out human issues. You won’t have to worry about offers that people want or the speed that individuals need to move in and out. You will be more in control of your budget and spending but this will not necessarily mean that the cost will be lower.

Instead, it’s likely and indeed probable that overall you will pay more. Particularly if you have set ideas about what you want to be included. You will also need to secure a plot of land. The amount of land you require will depend on how large you want your home to be. You might be able to purchase land from a private seller. Or, alternatively, you could purchase part of a planned development.

The benefit of buying into a planned development is that this land has already been determined as a good place to build. As such, you won’t have to worry that you are building on a flood plain or perhaps on ground soil that is unsuitable. This is why when you are buying land you should always make sure that you complete a full land survey. This will tell you whether there are any issues you need to be aware of. The good news is that purchasing land is often far more simple than buying a home. Though, you will need to proceed through a variety of the same steps such as making an offer and putting down a deposit or arranging a cash payment.

Planning Permission

Next, you will need to get planning permission to build on the acquired land. Depending on where you are building, you will likely need permission from your local council or government body. Getting permission to build a new home will involve putting forward your plans. These plans will either be approved, rejected, or rejected with amendments. Assuming your ideas aren’t too crazy, it will likely be the latter option. This does mean you will need to compromise when building. Particularly, if you are creating a home near an already established residential area. For instance, it might need to share a similar aesthetic to the homes in this location. Discover more about planning permission on https://www.tepilo.com/blog.

You will find it far easier to get planning permission faster if you invest in the services of a profession contractor. Professional contractors can arrange anything from planning permission to drawing up full architectural documents. They can act as an agent through the entire build process. Of course, for this to occur, you do need to make sure that you are choosing the right company. With so many on the market, this can be quite difficult. So check reviews, take a look at portfolios and do make sure that you get a few different quotes. You should get a feel for a few different companies before you make your final decision.

When you do hire a contractor to complete the work on your home, it’s important that you do make sure everything is above board. For instance, they should be fully licenced. It can be tempting to use unlicensed workers instead but this will always be a mistake. Unlicensed workers could bring legal headaches later on. If there is an accident or incident involving the build or the quality of work, then you could find yourself liable and you don’t want that. You learn more about unlicensed workers on https://www.allpropertymanagement.com/blog.

Once you have found a contractor, they may recruit the builders for you. Or, you may require two separate teams and companies. While one will complete the technical aspects of the job, the other will work to build the property. Don’t be surprised if you need other specialists as well such as an electrician, plumber and more. This is going to depend on the expertise of your original company.

How Long Will It Take?

Usually, you can build a full home in a few months. However, it could take as many as six and this will typically depend on a few factors. For instance, there could be complications that may result in delays as your initial plan could be rejected. With the wind in the right direction though if you start building now, you could be handed the keys to your new home before the year is out.

If the building isn’t the right option for you, perhaps we should look at renovation and remodels.

Transform Your Home

You might want to think about taking the necessary steps to transform and change your home into a dream come true. To do this, you should pinpoint the key areas that you want to change or improve and determine whether these match your budget.

Again, you are going to need to hire a contractor or a company to complete the work for you. The difference is that they will be completing work on a specific area of your home. For instance, you might be keen to improve your roof. This will likely be for practical purposes due to durability or insulation. If you want your home to remain warm throughout the year, a roof improvement could be the best choice. According to https://www.erieconstruction.com/blog, metal roofing could be a great option and is available in a wide range of colours and shades to match a unique aesthetic.

Of course, you could be feeling far more adventurous. For instance, you could be interested in creating a whole new area of your home. For this, you will certainly need planning permission and you will need to nail down the budget before you start. If you don’t do this, there’s a good chance that the cost will balloon as you continue with it.

Or, how about building your new swimming pool? For this, there’s a whole range of issues to consider that might not be related to the original cost. With a pool, you also need to consider how much it’s going to cost you in the long term. Cleaning bills alone can be a few hundred a month. However, there are benefits too. Just think about how much more valuable your home will be when you finally put it on the market.

Are big changes too much for your budget right now? Not to worry, there are small changes that you can make which will be more manageable. For instance, you can think about adding some tech to your home. Smart tech is completely affordable today and can make your home feel completely different. There are even systems that automatically change the environment based on your preferences when you enter a room. You can get these for under two hundred and have money to spare for new furniture or anything else you may desire.

We hope this helps you discover the answer of what to do if you can’t find your dream home anywhere on the market.