S’mores Is Heaven!

Hmmm, s’mores! Them melty marshmallow and chocolate all swirling together in the perfect “sandwich.” I have only had them a couple of ties but on a cold evening like today it would be a perfect dessert. The basics have always been the same, graham crackers, chocolate (milk is by far the most popular type of chocolate) and as much marshmallow as you can stuff into the s’mores!


The most basic answer is you break a graham cracker in half and lay the two halves on a plate. Top with a square of chocolate (If using a Hershey’s bar this would be 2 rectangles). Then have a marshmallow, heated up that you add to the chocolate and top with the graham cracker. Press down slightly and enjoy while warm and melted.


On a plate add the graham cracker half, cover with a square of chocolate. Top the graham crackers with a marshmallow. Using a skewer, turn you gas stove onto high heat and hold the marshmallows over the flame. Let the marshmallow “catch” fire for a couple of seconds before blowing it out and turn off your stove. Using the second graham cracker square, put the marshmallow over the chocolate, press the graham cracker over it while taking the skewer out.

4 Ways To Enjoy A Staycation

We seem to have come full circle with holidays in recent years. After a few decades worth of steady growth, the overseas holiday looks to be on the decline. There are several potential factors in the fall. The amount of money that some people have available may have declined. Political factors affecting the economy mean that people are reticent to spend the money that they do have, and are inclined to save more instead. Added to this, there are the environmental concerns of relying on air travel when it causes high levels of pollution.

With this cash flow system in mind, many people are deciding to have a stay-cation. If you’ve not come across the term before, it means a vacation without leaving the country.

There are many great ways you can enjoy the country that you live in. Often, we overlook visiting unexplored parts of our own countries, because it feels as though it just isn’t exotic enough. There will be countless great places that you can visit without the need to jump on a plane, many of which could be exciting or fascinating.

Hire A Holiday Home

You could have a stay-cation relaxing in one of the new homes near Litchfield Park. Use it as a base to go off and visit the neighboring towns. Go for hikes, or just relax in the grounds.

The best thing about hiring a holiday home is that you can cook for yourself if you like. Obviously, you can still eat out as much as you like, but you get the option to do either. This could be good to help you keep the costs of your holiday down lower.

Take A Camper Van Around The Country

If you’ve ever fancied taking off in a vintage Volkswagen Camper van, why not hire one and take it around the country? You will have the freedom of stopping wherever you like and sleeping in the back. You can drive anywhere you want, and take your time getting there. You have your home on your back.

There are many rental companies out there, as well as private owners who will lend their vehicle for a cost. You really would be the envy of all of your friends.


The most basic way to enjoy a break away is to pitch a tent and relax. You can have a break where you move from place to place, taking your tent with you. Most modern tents can be assembled in a relatively short space of time. And if you have an airbed, then it can be quite comfy,


If you like the idea of staying out in the outdoors but are not sold on the idea of sleeping in a small tent, why not go glamping instead? You generally will get some furniture, and there are some elements of comfort in a glamping tent. Some even have beds and sofas in them. You can enjoy some of the day-to-day comforts while enjoying getting back to nature.