Weird Laws In Spain

1. Don’t walk too many dogs at the same time
There is a limit to how many dogs you can walk at the same time in Spain. You should avoid hitting the streets if you have eight or more dogs to walk unless you want to be fined. So be alert.

2. Don’t walk around the streets in a swimsuit
While this is true in many countries around the world, walking around the city in only a swimsuit is frowned upon in Spain. This is considered tasteless, indecent and even illegal in the seaside of some cities like Barcelona and Malaga. Do dress appropriately or you could end up paying a fine of 200 euros.

3. Don’t hang your underwear outside in Seville
In the state of Seville, hanging your underwear or any suggestive attire outside on a line is a big no no. Also, it is illegal to shake your rugs or clothes on the streets. AVOID.

4. Don’t wear sandals/flip-flops while driving
If you’re renting a car for that “ZNMD experience,” just know that driving a vehicle with flip-flops or sandals on is not accepted throughout the country. Avoid wearing footwear that isn’t ‘complete.’ Always wear shoes while driving to be on the safer side.

5. Don’t be shirtless in the city center
You should not wander around the city center shirtless when you are in Palma de Mallorca or you could end up paying a hefty fine of $800. However, this rule doesn’t apply when you are chilling on the beach. So, chillax.

6. No throwing rice at weddings in Cadiz
Throwing rice after a wedding ceremony is an age old tradition that is still followed in some parts Spain. However, in the city of Cadiz, doing so is banned. This ban has been imposed to avoid couples from tripping and falling and to discourage birds from flocking to the area.

7. Don’t ask for the time during certain hours of the day
If you are in Madrid, remember not to ask about what the time is between 3:39 PM and 6:47 PM. I really don’t know what is the reason behind this but do as they say.