4 Petrol Stations Complaints Every Road Tripper Has

It’s a student’s favorite way to spend the summer. For a working adult, it’s by far the preferred solution to unwind and relax after a long and stressful period. Finally, healthy seniors love nothing more than rediscovering the freedom and sense of adventure of their youth behind the wheel.

In short, everybody loves a good road trip. But both amateur and veteran road-trippers share common complaints when it comes to stopping at the fuel service. Indeed, when you’re on the road all day, petrol stations are often the only breaks you can afford to take before you reach your destination. In other words, holidaymakers expect a lot from these breaks; and they’re too often disappointed by the services they find there.

There is nothing yummy to eat

When you’ve been in a car for 4, 5 or even 8 hours, the last thing you want to eat is a dry sandwich and a dull pack of chips. Food cravings are a natural part of a road trip, and they are, in a way, surprisingly healthy. Indeed, it’s not uncommon to have to fuel the body with high carbs and sugary foods when you’re on the road. Driving is tiring, and being thrown left and right in a car – your body perpetually fights against car motions – consumes a lot of energy. Both drivers and passengers want high fat and high sugar food such as warm s’mores to replenish their energy levels. Needless to say, petrol stations that offer fresh and warm food from the kitchen are more likely to appeal to travelers.

There’s nothing to fix my car!

When you spend many hours driving, your vehicle needs proper fuel and care. Filling up the tank isn’t going to be enough. A road trip could require additional automotive lubricants or even a change of oil. However, only a few services can offer the products and equipment drivers need. It would be helpful for petrol stations to maintain a close relationship with their fuel and oil supplier. Finding someone such as New Era Fuels who can deliver car lubricants overnight can make a significant difference. Petrol stations need to be equipped to provide more than just petrol!

The toilets are filthy

What’s the most common thing every road tripper does when they finally stop the car? They go to the restroom! Clean and fully stored toilets can considerably improve their break. Nobody likes to hover over the toilet seat because they’re too worried about hygiene to touch the surface! Running out of paper or soap are also so frequent that many holidaymakers carry everything they need in their bag. Petrol stations need to improve their facilities to meet their guests’ expectations. More importantly, maintaining your toilet area also benefits your staff.

How come you can’t stay open at night?

Last but not least, nobody can predict how long they will be on the road. Traffic jams can delay their arrival time. Getting lost could also affect the journey. Therefore, no driver likes to stress out at the idea that the petrol service could be shut if they arrive too late. Keeping those open 24/7 would be a major improvement for all.

There’s no road trip without a decent petrol station that can help you to relax and recharge before continuing the journey. It makes no doubt, from a business perspective, that fully equipped and modernized stations along popular roads could make huge profits.

The Worst Alien Soldiers Ever

So V is one of the biggest tv shows of my pre-teen years and continuing on to my teenage years, I rewatched that many, many times on VHS tapes that we recorded onto when it was shown on tv. For many years from the age of 17 till my mid 30s I didn’t watch the show – that’s a long, long time! Then with the help of the internet I downloaded bootleg versions of the two mini-series and the single season of the regular tv series and I have watched it twice before my current rewatching of the show. That started on Sunday with the original mini-series and yesterday I was watching the 3 part The Final Battle.

What has always struck me as funny is, as much as they have such snazzy uniforms with that dark red outfit made even more awesome with the black sleeveless leather jacket, the Visitor troopers have got to be the most useless kind of soldiers in all of science fiction! I mean the Storm Troopers in Star Wars come to mind as do the enemy Jaffa soldiers of the evil Go’auld from Stargate SG-1 but these guys have got to take the undisputed number 1 spot.

They almost never hit their target, unless the plot wants them to ofcourse, and they are so easy to kill! A squad of visitor troopers will hit the wall, the door, the building 3 blocks away when the humans they are chasing are just 10 feet in front of them. Yet when the human resistance members shoot in any direction, down goes the soldiers. A grenade thrown in one direction will kill many soldiers several feet away. What’s more, when you shoot a visitor, he does this amazing gymnastic routine and somersaults from a height onto the floor – and in my mind, I keep seeing Olympic judges holding up a 10! Haha, just so funny! Still, I love this show.