M&M Peanuts

My fav snacks while watching movies, whether at the theatre or at home on my telly, is popcorn. Flavoured or just butter/salter popcorn is the way to go. But if I want sweeter stuff then it’s chocolate or candy. And while many brands will do, there truly is only one winner in my life and that is my current fav ones, M&M peanuts. Not the chocolate ones but the chocolate covered peanuts! There is a big difference.

I rediscovered M&M peanuts a couple of years ago after almost 30 years when I saw them on the shelves in one the grocery stores I frequent. And for the most part, they are always there and every 2 weeks or so when I do go to that store, I eventually find myself reaching our for a bag or two just before I head to the check out counter. Once I get home I store them for the evening or late night when I will select a movie or tv show and I settled down for the night and watch my movie enjoying munching on my M&Ms.

So is there a better movie snack? Not sure. Oh wait, there is chocolate covered popcorn! Now there is a snack!