King Of Candy

M&M peanut – oh man, how things have changed for me and my choice of candy. Snickers was king for such a long time but it hasn’t been the reigning king for a while now. Unofficially M&M Peanuts has taken over as the reigning champion and overall king in my life as far as candy is concerned and overall movie watching snack.

Take a bow M&M peanuts and here is your crown. The kind is dead, Long live the new king. Snickers you too should take a bow and enjoy the applause and the adoration and admiration. But yes, long live the new king.

I now cannot even imagine a weekend at home watching movies without a couple of packets of the awesome chocolate covered peanuts that M&M to enjoy as I watch the film or films. Now that it is Thursday, I need to see if I can buy a couple of packets of the joy giving peanuts by Friday night or Saturday morning.

Quotes From Thomas Paine

United States Founding Father Thomas Paine wasn’t just a political revolutionary but also took a radical approach to religion. Born in England in 1736, Paine, moved to the New World in 1774, thanks in part to Benjamin Franklin. He took part in the American Revolution and even inspired the settlers to declare independence from Britain. His pamphlet “Common Sense” and pamphlet series “The American Crisis” made a case for revolution.

  • I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish Church, by the Roman Church, by the Greek Church, by the Turkish Church, by the Protestant Church, nor by any Church that I know of. My own mind is my own Church. [ The Age of Reason]
  • Science is the true theology. [Thomas Paine quoted in Emerson, The Mind on Fire p. 153]
  • . . . to argue with a man who has renounced his reason is like giving medicine to the dead. [The Crisis, quoted in Ingersoll’s Works, Vol. 1, p.127]
  • Priests and conjurors are of the same trade. [ The Age of Reason]
  • One good schoolmaster is of more use than a hundred priests. [Thomas Paine quoted in 2000 Years of Disbelief, Famous People with the Courage to Doubt by James Haught]
  • That God cannot lie, is no advantage to your argument, because it is no proof that priests can not, or that the Bible does not. [The Life and Works of Thomas Paine, Vol. 9 p. 134]
  • Accustom a people to believe that priests or any other class of men can forgive sins, and you will have sins in abundance. [The Theological Works of Thomas Paine, p.207
  • Take away from Genesis the belief that Moses was the author, on which only the strange believe that it is the word of God has stood, and there remains nothing of Genesis but an anonymous book of stories, fables, and traditionary or invented absurdities, or of downright lies. [ The Age of Reason]
  • The Bible is a book that has been read more and examined less than any book that ever existed. [The Theological Works of Thomas Paine]
  • Every phrase and circumstance are marked with the barbarous hand of superstitious torture, and forced into meanings it was impossible they could have. The head of every chapter, and the top of every page, are blazoned with the names of Christ and the Church, that the unwary reader might suck in the error before he began to read. [The Age of Reason, p.131]
  • The declaration which says that God visits the sins of the fathers upon the children is contrary to every principle of moral justice. [The Age of Reason]