Finding A Different Set Of Internal Priorities

Much of our lives will be dictated and directed by the ideas we hold to be true, the values we keep, and also the influences we experience. For example, if we are in a negative social atmosphere, friends with people who drink too much and make excuses, odds are we can get into those habits too, never evolving, always being stagnant. It’s important to find a different set of alternative priorities from time to time, or perhaps to update your current ones and adjust them to your current life situation.

As we age we learn and grow, and we discard the bad ideas of the past. That is, this is what you should be doing, despite how difficult it can be. In the following words, we hope to help bolster you with confidence to this end, potentially helping you overcome your prejudices and consider just what values you may wish to live by. We hope that by using the following techniques you can become inspired, break past your own falsely held impressions, and begin to open your mind:

Your Highest Truth

What is your highest truth? Many people suppress theirs, hoping to find something personally restorative in other distracting activities. Perhaps you’d love to start writing a novel but you spend each night in front of the latest Netflix show. Maybe you wish you were kinder to people but feel that putting yourself out there is not wanted, and so fail to do so. You know what your main want is. You’re thinking of it now. Why can’t you take a minor step towards it? Doing so could restore you to health.

Good In The World

Finding what is good in the world and exploring that can help you become much more focused on a possibility, which needs optimistic exposure to get going in the first place. For example, an association for peace and education could potentially help you gain a clearer understanding of the interests and ideals you may wish to hold, and to see just what possibilities of common good can be focused on when you take the time to understand. Too often we fall into pessimism, but it’s these examples that can help us apply ourselves in a more forthright manner.

Withdraw From The Negative

If you find that you are surrounded by people who are defeatist and continually worried about their external environment, you may find this energy being sapped from you. Withdraw from the negative, from judgement, from pessimism, from a lack of action and a lack of care. Even starting to care about something simple is a defiant act, and it can help you become much more textured and positive in your thinking. Even if this starts with looking after yourself well, moving forward can be so much easier and will lessen your dread to a significant degree. This is important for everyone to experience.

With this advice, we hope you can find a more thorough and promising set of internal priorities. It’s never too late to try.

Creating Peace and Calm In Your Life

We all want a life that is filled with peace, calm and happiness. And in reality that is all in our own hands. To bring peace and calm into your life, you need to really focus on what you want and how you can make it work. Which parts of your lifestyle are the ones that you want to change? Think about it for a while before making changes. In the meantime, here are some tips to help you.

Media Consumption

How are you consuming your media? Youtube? Twitter? Facebook? Are those things serving you? Unless you have spent the time to curate timelines that make you feel good. People that are spreading a positive message. Creative and inspirational people are typically happy people – because they are doing things that they love. Find people and companies that are doing good things like or Good News Network.


If you are in the habit of buying things that you think you need, but actually you don’t, then you need to break that habit. It is very easy to assume that possesions and what we furnish our homes with will make us happy. But actually, happiness comes from somewhere else. There are people in the world with much less than you have now, and they are happier. If you can see that you make purchases you don’t need to fill an emotional gap, then start adding a timer to your purchases. When you see something that you feel like you must have, add a 30-day timer. After the initial excitement goes, you might just find that you didn’t want it. It will help to break the impulse buying cycle.

Write It Down

If there are areas that you want to change. Then start writing them down. Take a look at them and consider what actions you can take to help. If you want to be in nature more often, for example, then make an effort to go to the woods at least once a week. Make it the non-negotiable activity of the week. If it is travelling to a different country, then write it down and start saving. Take action towards researching your goals.


Although you are in the space of change right now, you should still remember to be grateful for that which you currently have. Be thankful that you have a roof over your head, a bed at night, and people around you that you care about, and who care about you. Losing sight of gratitude can mean we take things for granted.

Slow Down

Start taking more time over the things that you are doing. Yes, the world is in a rush. There are deadlines, alarms, charts, scores and a lot of other things to be taken care of. But by tweaking your daily routine, you can create more time in which you can accomplish tasks. The more time you give yourself, the less rushed, you will feel.

Creating peace can happen when you take actionable steps towards what you want – become a doer.

How Can You Make Your Office More Impressive?

It’s not just our business ideas — and how we put them into practice — that determines how our company is viewed. Those things might have the biggest influence, but they’re not the only things. Everything related to your business will have an impact. Take your office, for example. This is much more than a place where you get your work done. It is a reflection of your business. If you get things right, then your visitors, and not to mention your staff, will view your company positively. If you don’t, then it could have a negative impact. Below, we take a look at a few ways you can improve your company’s offices and make them even more impressive.

Think Branding

It’s important to remember that your office is going to say something about your business. As such, you should ensure that what it’s saying is positive, and really reflects your business. We tend to think of our branding as something that just influences our external communications, packaging, advertising, and so on, but this isn’t the case. Robust branding should exist from the ground up, and that includes your office. If you’re a young and cool startup, then it wouldn’t make any sense to work from an office that’s overly traditional, for example.

Decor Options

When it comes to our offices, we tend to think in large part about the functionality. Of course, it’s important to think about those tables, desks, and chairs that’ll help your staff to work efficiently. However, it’s worth remembering that there’s always space for thinking about decor and design. If you want to give your office the ‘wow factor,’ then look at adding things such as patterned glass, atmospheric lighting, and other decorative features. There was a time when the traditional, bland, grey decor of offices was probably what people wanted to see, but not anymore — now, it’s better to inject a little bit of personality into your office space.

More than Business

The working world is changing. Now, the lines between business and the personal are becoming increasingly blurred. It’s increasingly unacceptable for bosses to view employees as simply machines to do a job; your staff are more than their function. There’s an increasing concern for the overall well-being of employees, and also a shift from the workers of how they see their job. It’s not just a career; it’s an extension of their lifestyle. You can reflect this shift by ensuring there’s space in your office for things more than simply business. Could you add a games room, or a chill-out space, or even a place where workers can socialize together? Adding these touches will show that you’re a forward-thinking company that understands what the world of work needs to be better.

Natural Touches

We’ve more or less spend all of the time since the industrial revolution trying to put ourselves above nature, only to eventually realize that, in fact, we need as part of our lives. There’s a reason why so many people are deciding to put plants in their homes! And today, there are few offices more impressive than the ones that have integrated the natural world into their plans. Look at adding some natural touches, and you’ll show your visitors that you understand the creative and mood-boosting properties of the natural world. To really stand out from the crowd, you could look at adding an outdoor area, complete with a bike rack, vegetable garden, and seating.

Entranceway Reception

We tend to focus on just the interior of our offices, and that makes sense, since that’s where we’re working all the time. But when someone comes to visit your office, that’s not the first thing they see — it’s the third. As such, it’s worthwhile taking the time to ensure that the first two things they see are positive. The first is the outside area: it should well sign-posted and clean. The second, which is the most important area when it comes to first impressions, is your reception. This should be calm and well-designed and decorated with as much care as the interior of your office.

Bright and Spacious 

Finally, take steps to improve the overall feel and tone of your property. It’s much more impressive to walk into a bright and spacious and clean office, rather than one that is overly dark and dingy. Natural light shining through the windows and illuminating your well-decorated office will always go down well with your visitors.

With these tips, you’ll have an office that delights workers and visitors alike.