Clothing For The Big Guy & Gal

The big guy also needs new clothes. Big a big fat guy (obese) I have struggled with getting shirts that I like the design off and that fit me. Especially since the last 5-7 years. I usually go to Men’s Studio which is a section of Seemati on MG Road and buy 2 shirts or more from their selections every year or so. And usually I pick those shirts that are usually lighter in shade and mostly blue or grey and plain.

I pick them because atleast they fit me but sometimes it just about fits me and can be a bit tight. I seem to have found a solution for that. John Pride is an Indian company in New Delhi (and they have a few stores in Delhi, Patna, Punjab & Karnataka) that focuses on clothes that have plus sizes. Infact they focus on the larger sizes clothing, even if they do have regular sizes as well. And the models they select are on the shall we say heavier side. Hmm, maybe sexy ole me could apply as well?

They also are available on Amazon India, Flipart and other sites. Anyways, I saw a lot of cotton shirts with check design and I am going for it. I love darker coloured shirts and after years of only getting lighter shades (for some reason the shirts I get in Seemati are 99% lighter colours of blue or grey) I finally have some choices. I went a little crazy and bought 5 shirts of which the 5th is yet to reach me as I bought them in different orders from Amazon India. I also found a couple on Flipkart as well. I am liking these new shirts (one of which is pictured here from their website).

Thanks John Pride!