Late Evening Cola

Last two weekends, Saturday to be specific, I have gone to have some beers and good food. And both Saturdays I have come back home with a couple of 7Ups and a Pepsi. In fact the weekend before that, even if I didn’t go for beers, I also did the same thing but instead of the Pepsi it was a Coke.

No matter what I find that relaxing at home in the late evening on Sundays with a large pint glass and some ice (or none) and just watch Youtube videos, listen to a podcast or shoot my own videos about movies and tv shows. No matter how much I love vodka and beer, enjoying the evening with a cola is pretty cool and relaxing as well.

No matter that I usually add vodka to my cola or Sprite/7Up. No problem if I don’t have alcohol. I find it quite satisfying and calming.