Do You Dread Mondays?

Well not dread but I loath Mondays but just because it’s the first day of the working week. When I worked for Idea during the years 2004 to 2007 I had rotational offs so sometimes I got Mondays off and worked on Saturdays and/or Sundays. Ever since 2007 I have worked Monday to Saturday and then Monday to Friday. So I usually start my work week on a Monday and that is why I loath Mondays.

I sometimes feel that we need a 3 day weekend. A day in between Sunday and Monday to prepare us for the working week ahead of us. Saturday to go out and enjoy, Sunday to sleep in and rest and then the third day to gear up for the work week. I just read today that Microsoft tested out a four-day work week in its Japan offices and found as a result employees were not only happier – but significantly more productive. For the month of August, Microsoft Japan experimented with a new project called Work-Life Choice Challenge Summer 2019, giving its entire 2,300-person workforce five Fridays off in a row without decreasing pay.

The shortened weeks led to more efficient meetings, happier workers and boosted productivity by a staggering 40%, the company concluded at the end of the trial. As part of the program, the company had also planned to subsidize family vacations for employees up to ¥100,000 or $920. In addition to the increased productivity, employees took 25% less time off during the trial and electricity use was down 23% in the office with the additional day off per week. Employees printed 59% fewer pages of paper during the trial. The vast majority of employees – 92% – said they liked the shorter week.

Something to think about.

Prompt from 31 Days Of Writing Prompts For December at The SitsGirls