Angel Has Fallen

Angel Has Fallen is a 2019 American action thriller film directed by Ric Roman Waugh. It is the third installment in the Fallen film series, following Olympus Has Fallen (2013) and London Has Fallen (2016). The film stars Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, Jada Pinkett Smith, Lance Reddick, Tim Blake Nelson, Piper Perabo, Nick Nolte, and Danny Huston. The plot again follows United States Secret Service agent Mike Banning, as he races against time to clear his name after being framed for an attack on the U.S. President, Allan Trumbull.

Secret Service agent Mike Banning undergoes training at the Salient Global private military facility, owned by his friend Wade Jennings, a former fellow Army Ranger. Banning is recommended for the position of Secret Service Director by Allan Trumbull, President of the United States, to replace retiring Director David Gentry. Banning hides the fact that he suffers from migraines and insomnia and takes painkillers to cope with chronic back pain. While the president is on a private fishing trip, a swarm of armed drones attacks his protection detail with only Banning surviving the deadly assault and saving the President. Both men are incapacitated, but Banning recovers while Trumbull is left in a coma. FBI Special Agent Helen Thompson is presented with evidence that Banning may be responsible for the attack after the FBI locates the van used to transport the drones and which contains traces of Banning’s hair and DNA, leading to his arrest.

As he is taken to a secure facility Banning’s transport is ambushed. He escapes after killing the assailants, revealed to be employees of Salient Global with whom he partook in a training exercise. Banning comes to the realization that Jennings has betrayed and framed him for the assassination attempt. Banning calls his wife Leah, letting her know he is alive and determined to expose the real perpetrator. The call alerts Thompson to Banning’s location leading to a car chase by numerous police officers. However, Banning manages to escape to his father’s cabin in the backwoods of West Virginia. With Trumbull still comatose, Vice President Martin Kirby is sworn in as Acting President of the United States. Banning and his father Clay observe Jennings’ men approaching the house on surveillance cameras. Clay detonates multiple explosives around the perimeter, killing the would-be attackers as he and Banning escape. Banning reveals to Clay that he has a wife and daughter.

Leah and her daughter are on the verge of being kidnapped by Jennings’ men when Clay saves them. Kirby reveals to the press that Banning is responsible for the assassination attempt with support from the Russian government. Finding the bodies of Jennings’ gunmen lined up against Clay’s cabin, Thompson deduces that Banning may have been set up after all. Trumbull awakens from his coma and Kirby is revealed to secretly be in cahoots with Jennings. Kirby plans to retaliate for the President’s “attempted assassination” by attacking the Russians. Thompson and another agent meet Jennings on an airfield tarmac, but Jennings kills both FBI agents. Banning reaches the hospital and gives himself up, but Trumbull orders his release. Banning leads Trumbull to safety with help from Gentry and other loyal agents as Jennings destroys the hospital’s ICU by increasing the oxygen & nitrogen supply to unstable levels, causing a massive explosion that levels the hospital.

Banning hides Trumbull and Gentry as Jennings’ men pursue them. After a long gun battle, Banning blows up a helicopter with a grenade launcher before Jennings can make his escape from the rooftop. They engage in hand-to-hand combat ending with Banning mortally stabbing Jennings. Banning is exonerated while Trumbull and Gentry arrest Kirby for treason thanks to evidence kept by Jennings as an insurance policy and uncovered by Thompson. Clay decides to live with Banning and his family. Feeling guilty over his failure to protect Trumbull and concealing his ailments, Banning offers his resignation, but Trumbull forgives him and offers Banning the promotion to Director of the Secret Service, which he proudly accepts.

It’s kinda repetitive of these formulaic movies and it’s boring whenever there is no action on screen. It feels very cliched and unoriginal. You know how things are gonna pan out, you know who the bad guys are from the get go. It’s worth a single watch, unlike the first film and I’m gonna give it a 6.5 outta 10 for that!

Looking Foward To Jan 2020

As we get ready to start a new year, will you be making any big changes?

No big changes. I do want to have some fun this January and go away for a few days. I want to unwind and recharge for a 3 day vacation just like I did last February. If you remember, I went to a hotel in February and basically laid back, slept a lot and unhooked from everything – well except the internet. I didn’t watch any tv shows or any movies.

I need that again and I want to get that. I am pretty sure that I can get a 5 day leave next month and go enjoy myself for a few days. I need the recharge days. I need to get away from the nonsense of work and my parents. I enjoy the time away, the quiet and the peace. I’ll take a book or two and read. I will do something. I will sleep a lot. That’s what I want to do again as a big change.

Ofcourse I will be drinking but at the same time it’s gonna be a relaxation.

Prompt from 31 Days Of Writing Prompts For December at The SitsGirls