Sick On A Friday

Things come down so quickly. I am talking about a bad case of the cold, with phlegm and all. I was still ok when I left home at 12 am last night to head for work. Once I reached there I was still fine for a while but 2 hours later I started to get the sniffles.

By 4am I was sneezing so hard and so much that my throat started to hurt. My nose was also runny and I found it difficult to breath without using my inhaler a few times. It was the phlegm causing so much trouble. I needed coffee very badly so I had a cup at 4 am and then another one at 6:15 am.

By 8:30 am I was hungry so I and three other colleagues went to get breakfast at the upstairs cafeteria where the food is freshly made in the large kitchen that they have. I had that and some water and I was done. By 9:15 am I left the office in an Uber and came home. I plan to take it easy this weekend which is a bummer as I had planned to go out this Saturday or Sunday and even buy some beers to stock up for New Year’s eve. Oh well!