Holiday Plans

I would think that a lonely bachelor like me might have a few options but I always take the boring, same old – same old and predictable way out.

I plant myself in my room and I watch movies, Youtube and some sports. I haven’t been able to drink during the last 3 days due to the fact that I’ve been battling a bad cold and some sinus issues. My plan was to get some beer on Friday morning after my shift ended at 9:30 am but the sinus issues and head cold made me want to come home directly.

The cold and sinus issues persisted throughout the rest of Friday and Saturday and even today. I ordered some hot & peppery mutton soup which went down really well. It was tasty and also attacked my sinuses. I needed that. I hope to go out tomorrow morning and get a hair cut and then go get some beer. I want to drink on the evening of 31st.