How The Coronavirus Has Impacted the Housing Market in Orlando, Florida

Back in 2008, the recession caused upheaval for housing markets across the U.S. Today, the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in economic challenges for nearly every industry. However, the housing market in cities such as Orlando, Florida, has actually shown growth. Home sales and sales volume have increased in Orlando as of March 2020, as shown in the featured infographic below. Although the stock market has dropped more dramatically in the past few months than it has since 1987, the median price for real estate in Orlando has increased by 8%.

Orlando is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. The housing market doesn’t show any signs of slowing despite the COVID-19 outbreak and the economic repercussions of the pandemic for other industries. There is still a lot of uncertainty about whether the worldwide coronavirus outbreak will impact the real estate market. Still, it’s important to remember that the 2008 recession started with the housing market crash. The coronavirus has certainly caused oil prices to sink drastically, and travel and leisure industries to almost disappear, but the local housing market seems to be steadily rising.

In Orlando, the pandemic may have delayed some homeowners from listing their houses, and the reduced inventory has stimulated an increase in housing prices and home values. Meanwhile, buyer demand is as strong as ever as more people move to the area. Last year, over 60,000 residents moved to the Orlando Metropolitan Area, and more are expected to relocate to the city in 2020.

Infographic designed by Authentic Real Estate Team

Health Conditions You May Not Realize You Have

The COVID-19 pandemic has made everybody more health-conscious. Whether it’s wearing a mask or staying two meters away from strangers, people are very picky about what were regular interactions. And, you should be because coronavirus is a nasty disease that spreads quickly. However, there is a silver lining to the crisis – you will take stock of your mental and physical wellbeing. With more time on your hands, and the fact your health is a serious matter now, it’s essential to use your free time to spot the warning signs. Then, you can take action and safeguard your wellbeing for the long-term.

“Won’t I already know about illnesses I may have?” Usually, ailments make themselves apparent via common and persistent symptoms, yet some are confusing. Sometimes, the signs can be similar to less worrisome diseases, or you may assume you’re tired and need more sleep. With that in mind, you’ll find four conditions that you may not realize you have and how to diagnose them below.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is incredibly tricky to spot for one apparent reason – you’re asleep. Unless you have an out-of-body experience, you won’t be able to tell if you stop breathing during the night. And, fatigue is the main symptom, so it’s tempting to pass it off as not getting enough rest. Or, you may think you’re coming down with the flu or a common cold.

However, other signs include a sore, dry throat, a headache, and irritation. If you have all of these at once, the odds are high that your condition is more than the early onset of influenza. This is especially true if the issues reoccur every morning. Oh, and don’t forget about snoring. Speaking to a doctor should result in night testing, and allow you to sleep for eight hours without interruptions.

Your energy levels and mood will skyrocket as soon as you diagnose and treat sleep apnea.


An estimated 13% of the population suffer from this ear condition, so why is it hard to spot? The answer is that there are varying degrees of it, which means you may have a slight ringing in your ears. Still, it goes in and out, and it’s not enough to cause you harm or annoyance, so it isn’t a problem. At least, that’s what you believe.

Unfortunately, tinnitus can do damage under the hood when you’re not looking. The worst case is that it permanently damages the cochlea and leads to hearing loss. Although there is no cure, there are tinnitus management treatments that will limit the damage. A sound machine is an excellent example as it emits a low sound that cancels out the noise. Or, in specific circumstances, you may require a hearing aid. But, it’s better than straining to listen because you’re too proud to admit that your hearing is impaired!


Hyperthyroidism is when a gland in your neck makes too much of a particular hormone. As a result, you may lose weight at a rapid rate or sweat profusely. If these don’t seem like harmful side-effects, you should see the impact they have on your brain. Hyperthyroidism leads to a buildup of stress in some cases and is a major factor in higher cases of anxiety.

Plus, losing weight is about doing it steadily so that it’s healthy. Shedding the pounds too quickly will leave your skin and body looking aged. Thankfully, an iodine pill can stop your thyroid from working overtime, as can beta-blockers. Surgery is a last resort if the condition persists. Alternatively, watch out for hypothyroidism, the opposite for hyperthyroidism, as it leads to hair loss and self-esteem problems.


Although you will experience a sharp pain in your side, most people are used to discomfort. This is because a balanced diet is a thing of the past, and junk food encourages your body to produce gas. Yes, some people suffer from appendicitis without realizing it because they think it’s flatulence!

However, appendicitis isn’t a laughing matter as it can be fatal if it explodes before it’s been removed. The main sign to watch out for is intense pain that doesn’t go away, but you should be aware of vomiting, fever, and diarrhea, too. A diagnosis is tough without a physical exam because your doctor will feel the area for inflammation, yet it is possible. You need to schedule an online checkup and explain your symptoms in detail as they could be enough to set alarm bells ringing.

Now you know about these surprise conditions, you should be able to manage them during a lockdown.

The Driving Bad Habits You Need To Stop

If you’ve been driving for several years, you probably see yourself as being a good driver. But, over the years, we all pick up bad habits. Some may seem small; however, they can still be very dangerous. Often these habits form out of confidence or complacency. You may think that because you’ve driven in a certain way before without an accident, that you’re perfectly safe to carry on doing so. Often though, the reason that you’ve never been in an accident is down to pure chance. Are your driving habits putting you and other road users at risk? Do you need to review your driving?

Here are some bad habits that all drivers, whether new or experienced,  need to cut out.

Drink Driving

We should all know that drink can impair your ability to control your vehicle. However, even drinking a small amount of alcohol seriously reduces your ability to react to hazards quickly. Some drivers believe they can handle a couple of drinks and be able to drive. These drivers are putting the lives of other road users at risk. Even after having legal action taken against them, 50 to 75 percent of suspended drunk drivers will continue driving. If you are planning on driving, don’t drink. Leave your car at home, or take public transport if you decide to go somewhere for a drink.


If you’ve had a long day, or you’ve spent a lot of time behind the steering wheel of your car, then you could be setting yourself up for a serious accident if you carry on driving when you’re tired. You may feel that you need to get home as quickly as you can. However, you should make sure that you take breaks on your journey as often as possible. This will help to improve your concentration. If possible, open a window and get some fresh air. Have a cup of coffee. And, ultimately, if you’re too tired to drive, stop somewhere, and sleep.

Using Your Phone When Driving 

Be honest, how often do you use your phone when you’re driving? Many drivers will use their phones, believing that they’re still in control over their vehicles. Even looking away from the road for a split second or two may be all that it takes to miss seeing a hazard early enough to react to it. When you are driving your vehicle, you should not be reading or replying to messages. You should also not be using your handset to make calls. Not only are you breaking the law, but you’re also putting lives at risk. There is no phone call or message that could be so important that you’d put risk a serious accident to answer them.

Get used to using the AI and voice control functions on your phone and set it up to work through your car’s Bluetooth connector. Keep your phone in a cradle and make sure that you don’t touch it or look at it when you’re driving.

Three Practical Ways To Deal With Bad News

With the headlines taken over by relentless news items about the spread of coronavirus, it can be easy to feel like real life is suspended. And yet, life does go on – both good things and, unfortunately, worse ones. Learning how to cope with adversity and bad news and becoming more emotionally resilient are increasingly valuable skills. Covid-19 is having a huge impact on many lives as well, from being made redundant to the breakup of relationships and of course dealing with serious illness for those who contract the virus. It can feel quite overwhelming, but learning how to process bad news is something that will support your life both through the pandemic and after it.

Allow Your Negative Emotions To Surface

There’s nothing more toxic than pretending everything’s alright when it truly isn’t. When we get over the initial shock of receiving bad news, often our first response is to try and put a brave face on the situation, but this is rarely a healthy response in the medium to long term. Let yourself experience the emotions that come without putting a value on them. It’s perfectly okay to feel sad, angry and anywhere in between when something happens out of the blue. Allowing yourself to feel and acknowledge this is extremely important. Studies have found that if we attempt to suppress our negative emotions, they are actually longer in duration.

Reframe Your Internal Dialogue

You cannot hope to control the things that happen to you in life, however much you want to. What you can control is your response to those events, and it’s this that can be incredibly character forming –  it’s the reason why you often hear survivors of terrible tragedies saying it made them who they are. There is always a way to reframe your thought process, from a negative internal dialogue that only makes the feelings worse, to something more positive. The secret is cognitive baby steps. Instead of trying to tell yourself the direct opposite – which rarely works as the brain won’t accept it – work on trying to find a replacement thought that is acceptable. So if you have experienced a job loss, instead of telling yourself everything is going to be alright, tell yourself ‘I will be okay for a couple of months looking for another job’.

Remind Yourself Of Overcoming Adversity

There will be times in your life before where you have encountered an adverse event and managed to move past it. Draw on those memories and remind yourself of your own strength. Find the professional support you need, whether that is a counselling session online or a car accident lawyer, and reach out to friends and family over the phone for their advice. It’s vital not to feel alone, and to remember that you can and will come through this situation with the right support. In the meantime, try to slow down –  if you are experiencing trouble, a mindfulness app can be a great help to calm you down and help to combat stress and anxiety.

Courses To Take Now That Could Prove Invaluable Post-Lockdown

Lockdown life is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. Suddenly, we’ve gone from never spending enough time at home to spending ALL our time there. And, honestly, it isn’t quite the luxury we imagined. Like anything when it’s put upon us, we’re now clawing at the walls and begging for the chance to exercise just once a day. But, as the adjustment period comes to a somewhat belated end, some of us are managing to put this new normal to positive use.

Most notably, people seem to be embracing this opportunity to finally make the most of home learning. The courses available have increased ten-fold, while even online learning outlets that have always been around enjoy unprecedented signup rates.

Of course, the lessons you choose to take away from this period are entirely down to you, and there’s nothing wrong with courses that simply help you to switch off. It is worth noting, though, that with job safety so uncertain at the moment, you could also benefit from thinking about new skills that will undeniably come in handy post-pandemic, including –

Health and safety/first aid

Even when lockdowns end, governments worldwide are talking about new safety processes to help prevent a much-dreaded ‘second wave’ of infections. In the UK, for instance, they’re talking about new layout requirements in restaurants, while the US centers around phased reopenings. Either way, workplaces globally face brand new challenges to keep customers and employees safe. As such, the call for health and safety or first aid trained individuals is about to increase no end. Even better, these courses are openly available online and don’t tend to take much more than a few days to complete.

Public relations

Even with these new safety regulations, many businesses are worried how customer interest will look after lockdown. After all, customers will still likely show some hesitancy about heading out, meaning that already struggling businesses will face further setbacks. Hence why PR experts are liable to come into play. And, hence why you’d benefit from taking this chance to learn more about public relations right now. This way, you’ll be in the best position to help brands plan promotions, marketing, and more that helps them rebuild consumer attention when they need it most.


It’s also vital not to underestimate how much accounting services will come into play for industries post-lockdown. After all, companies will have gone untold amounts of time with no revenue by this point, and bringing the right people on board to help them overcome that will be a priority. Whether you have some accounting experience or are starting from scratch, tackling a course in this area now means you’ll be at the forefront of that increased demand, and changing the face of businesses as we know them!

Lockdown is, undeniably, frustrating, but this time also brings a great deal of opportunities. While there’s no such thing as a wasted course, then, consider these fundamentals to get your foot in these soon-to-be-booming careers sooner rather than later.

Could Lockdown Be The Ideal Time To Break Free From A Career you Can’t Stand?

Lockdown has been an emotional rollercoaster for everyone. So much so that many of us are only now finding ourselves able to make some positive use of this time. For some, that means finally taking care of tasks around the house, or just getting dressed each morning (a considerable achievement.) For others, though, lockdown has led to larger life questions, especially where our careers are concerned.

After all, this is the longest period many of us have gone without work, and a shocking amount of us don’t even know if our jobs will be open when all this ends. As such, in a somewhat ironic and roundabout way, it’s just possible that lockdown will prove the ideal time to break your career chains at last. And, here are a few reasons why.

Some much-needed distance

Whether you’re working remotely or not working at all, lockdown has provided some much-needed distance from the workplace. This distance may well have surprising effects for many. On the one hand, not having to head to the workplace could reveal that you perhaps weren’t as happy there as you have thought. In extreme cases, time away from colleagues could even make you aware of harassments you overlooked at the time. Luckily, you have two years to file for issues like these, so you can still take action. And, of course, you can use this newfound awareness to push you towards finally finding a workplace where respect is a given.

Skills, skills, skills

It’s always tempting to stay in a job if your skillset is limited to that area. Let’s say your degree and all your training is in accounting. You’ll naturally feel reluctant to break away, especially given time limitations that stop you from training elsewhere. Lucky for you, even if you’re working remotely right now, you’ll have a load more time on your hands. That means you can finally develop the skills you need to break into the field you’ve been dreaming of. Whether you take online classes or sign up for a remote degree, this could see you enjoying the confidence, and the resume, you need to make a career move truly work for you.

Plenty of time to search

Job searching is always tricky when you’re still upholding another role, and can make choosing a career alternative seem impossible. After all, you barely have time to search, let alone consider interviews, etc. Luckily, time is something that lockdown has granted us in spades, meaning that you can get to this searching process without worry. Admittedly, jobs are few and far between right now. But, as lockdown restrictions start to ease, you may well find that positions begin to crop up that you could never have applied for previously.

It’s impossible to say there are any silver linings to our current position. It’s certainly difficult to feel any during our day-to-day. But, if you take anything out of this period, let it be a job that you can feel happy in at last!

Being Mindful Of Your Energy Usage: What To Think About

The energy bill can be one of those costly monthly direct debits that you feel you have no control over. That it leaves your account, your energy supply is there and that is the end of the matter. However, the energy bill can be reduced in a number of ways and often it starts with you being more proactive. With that in mind, here are some of the top tips to help you reduce your energy costs.

Switch off appliances

One of the first things that you could consider is switching off the appliances at the wall. This can be such a great way to save on electricity and energy in your home. Too often we just put things on standby, but those appliances are still using energy while in that mode. Switching them off at the mains, and even unplugging them is a small habit to get into that in time can make a big difference to reducing your energy costs. You might also need to know how well those appliances are working. It might be that they are not working as well as they should be. It might be time to finally fix your dryer, repair your washing machine, or ensure that the fridge is working as it should be. Before they end up costing you a fortune to replace and also in the energy that they are using.

Consider alternative heating options

The next thing to think about might be more specific to the winter months, but again it could really help you to save money. Many homes have a central heating system in place, but it can be counterproductive if radiators are in rooms that you may not be using. It could be better to consider alternative heating methods. There are many things you could consider but this could be a great way to save a little on those consistent energy bills by using alternative heating sources.

Switch energy provider

Another thing you can do to reduce your energy bills is to switch providers. This can be a great way to help you get a better deal and rate. Many think loyalty pays off, but in fact, many companies save their best rates and tariffs for new customers. Switching providers is easy to do, and it can be a great way to save some money on those monthly direct debits.

Change light bulbs in your home

Often it is the small things that cost the most, and your light bulbs may be shining away money just because they are not energy efficient ones. It might be time to think about switching the for efficient ones or LED’s which can last a lot longer. They may seem a little pricey, but overall the saving outweighs the cost.

Use your common sense

Finally, sometimes it is just worth using your common sense instead of using your energy supply. If you are cold, put on an extra layer of clothing or get a blanket. You could also consider things such as closing the curtains and blinds to avoid drafts getting in. Small things can help to improve your energy usage, and in time, make a big impact on your bills. What could you do differently instead of increasing the temperature in your home or turning on a heater?

Let’s hope this has given you some idea on how you can reduce your energy costs.

Coffee Table Books

I am confused by the nature of coffee table books. I mean, why would you have a book, that is probably more expensive that the regular ones, as a decoration item for your living room furniture? I mean, I like having nice books in my collection but coffee table books for the sake of having something on your table?

A coffee table book is an oversized, usually hard-covered book whose purpose is for display on a table intended for use in an area in which one entertains guests and from which it can serve to inspire conversation or pass the time. Subject matter is predominantly non-fiction and pictorial (a photo-book). Pages consist mainly of photographs and illustrations, accompanied by captions and small blocks of text, as opposed to long prose.

When I look at some of the titles and covers that some people have in their home, it looks like they bought those books because someone else told them to and not because they wanted to read it or go through it themselves. Or they wanted something pretty for the coffee table and someone suggested “Why not get some coffee table books” and they went into a book store or went online and bought some books based on the covers and not the content. Aren’t we not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover though. Granted some coffee table books, especially based on photography are gorgeous inside and out and so if you like the subject matter, go for it. I have a few that I would like as well.

What was that idea and book that Cosmo Kramer came out with in Seinfeld? A coffee table book about coffee tables. And it’s full of pictures of celebrities coffee tables and then Kramer responds with “if u dont have a coffee table, it turns into one!” Hahaha. Now that is a book I would want on my table.

How The Pandemic Is Going To Change Our Health Interactions

Facing health challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic is an eye-opening experience. We have always taken our doctors and nurses for granted and expected them to cure our ailments. However, never have we faced an epidemic that puts the healthcare workers’ lives at high risk. Governments all around the world have to agree: Health care systems are, unfortunately, underfunded. Many workers struggle to get sufficient protective equipment in the long term. Those who use protective masks have shared selfies of their bruised and tired faces on social media at the end of a long shift. The word heroes has now become a synonym for health care workers. Nobody can deny how hard our doctors and nurses are working to keep us safe and save lives in the current situation. As a result, it is fair to expect that our interactions with the healthcare community are going to be changed after the pandemic.

Doctors and nurses find new ways to get in touch

Face-to-face interactions are not always an option, as COVID-19 is demonstrating. As a result, many doctors and nurses have looked for alternatives to engage with their patients and maintain regular contact. Patients who require ventilation assistance can use a tablet to talk to their relatives safely, for instance. Many health care workers recommend virtual and digital appointments whenever possible. Consequently, the future of health care is going to embrace digital interactions. Using mobile devices and apps allow for patient engagement, and catch-ups, not only with doctors and nurses but also with family and friends for hospitalised individuals. Additionally, we can also expect wearable technology to make an appearance in the post-COVID world, reducing the need for physical interactions and checkups for chronic diseases, for instance.

Perhaps it’s time for health selfies

Selfies have always been a popular way of sharing exciting experiences. Are you visiting a new country? Selfie it is! Meeting friends for a casual meal? Take a picture to remember the occasion. While some influencers and social media addicts might be causing a selfie overload, we still cherish the joy of sharing meaningful events through pictures. As we find out more about the role of health care workers in the pandemic, the Marvel heroes of the past are being replaced by casual doctor selfies. Many countries plan for free accommodation, free meals, or even a round of applause for their healthcare workers. How are those signs of appreciation going to carry on after the pandemic crisis? Chances are that more and more patients will be tempted to take a selfie with their doctor at the end of an appointment. #MedicalSelfie

I can do this online

It is a wakeup call for many of us who value face-to-face meetings. The belief that your doctor has to see you is being questioned. Indeed, can doctors offer a diagnosis without meeting their patients? The answer is yes, to a certain extent. Indeed, common ailments and health complaints could be quickly diagnosed via a video chat with your doctor. You can seize the opportunity to receive a prescription quickly, and reduce the risk of infection for people in the waiting room. Flu, common cold, or even a stomach bug could be kept safely at home, using virtual diagnosis and prescription tools. As a result, patients can also reduce pressure on doctors.

COVID-19 is transforming our perception of the health care system. We can expect a digitised health care world to appear at the end of the pandemic. Is it for the better? Only time will tell!


Loneliness is usually a bitter friend that refuses to leaves you alone. During this lockdown, 34 days in, makes it seem even more bigger. I have actually been quarantined inside the confines of my little apartment for 37 days (I just didn’t go out for 3 days before the actual lockdown was enforced) but it seems much longer.

Way longer. For a bachelor who is lonely and unable to go out into the world, it just seems to enhance my loneliness. I am pretty sure that I am not the only one in this situation and there are tons of people worse off than me. I have clean clothes to wear every day, good food that is either cooked at home or delivered via one of the online delivery apps. And yes I am getting paid because I have been working from home but it seems like we are being taken advantage off, being forced to work an extra hour per day and shift timings that are crazy.

The heat and humidity have only made things worse. Trying to work at your desk while sweating and getting drained is a nightmare. Yesterday it rained quite a bit in the afternoon. I slept off after removing the plugs for my tv, computer and router as I don’t want lightning to screw them up. Repairs would take a lot longer than usual. I am dependent on the interwebs for my entertainment, movies & tv shows and work as well. That is what is keeping me sane.

However having to stay in and not meet people, is weighing in on me. I am missing that interaction which for a bachelor who was missing women companionship anyways, this just enhances it a lot.

Knives Out

Knives Out is a 2019 American mystery film written and directed by Rian Johnson, and produced by Johnson and Ram Bergman. A modern whodunit, the film follows a family gathering gone awry, after the patriarch’s death leads a master detective to investigate. The film features an ensemble cast, including Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, Don Johnson, Toni Collette, Lakeith Stanfield, Katherine Langford, Jaeden Martell, and Christopher Plummer.

Wealthy crime novelist Harlan Thrombey invites his family to his Massachusetts mansion for his 85th birthday party. The next morning, Harlan’s housekeeper Fran finds him dead, with his throat slit. The police are convinced it was suicide, but an anonymous party pays private detective Benoit Blanc to investigate. Blanc learns that Harlan’s relationships with his family were strained: he threatened to expose his son-in-law Richard for cheating on his wife Linda, cut off his daughter-in-law Joni’s allowance for stealing from him, fired his younger son Walt from his publishing company, and had an altercation with his black sheep grandson Ransom.

Unknown to Blanc, after the party, Harlan’s nurse, Marta Cabrera, accidentally administered him an overdose of morphine instead of his usual medication, and then realized what she had done upon seeing the label on the medication vial. She could not find the antidote, leaving Harlan minutes to live. To protect Marta, Harlan gave her instructions to create a false alibi to avoid suspicion over his death; he then slit his own throat. Marta carried out Harlan’s instructions; Harlan’s elderly mother saw her doing so but mistook her for Ransom. Marta cannot lie without vomiting, so she gives true but incomplete answers when Blanc questions her. Blanc asks her to assist his investigation. As they search the property, Marta attempts to conceal evidence of her guilt. Harlan’s will is read: he left everything to Marta, to her astonishment as well as the family’s. They turn on her, but Ransom helps her escape. Ransom persuades Marta to confess to him and offers to help her in exchange for his share of the inheritance. The other Thrombeys try to persuade Marta to renounce her inheritance; Walt threatens to expose her mother as an undocumented immigrant.

Marta receives an anonymous blackmail note with a partial photocopy of Harlan’s toxicology report. She and Ransom drive to the medical examiner’s office, but the building has been destroyed by arson. Marta receives an anonymous email with a time and address to meet the blackmailer. Blanc and the police, also investigating the arson, spot Marta and Ransom. After a brief car chase, the police arrest Ransom; Blanc explains to Marta that Harlan’s mother saw Ransom climbing down from Harlan’s room the night he died. Marta goes to the address in the email and discovers Fran drugged, along with her own missing medical case. Marta hesitates, realizing that Fran can link her to the crime, but performs CPR on Fran and calls 911. Marta confesses to Blanc, but Ransom has already informed on her. At the house, Marta finds a copy of the full toxicology report hidden in Fran’s cannabis stash. Blanc reads it, and then interrupts Marta before she can confess to the family that she caused Harlan’s death.

Blanc reveals his deductions: After Ransom learned at the party that Harlan was leaving everything to Marta, he swapped the contents of Marta’s medication vials and stole the antidote so she would kill Harlan with an overdose of morphine, making her ineligible to claim the inheritance by the slayer rule. However, Marta actually administered the correct medicine without reading the labels, recognizing it by the weight and viscosity of the fluid, and is therefore innocent of Harlan’s death. After the death was reported as suicide, Ransom anonymously hired Blanc to expose Marta as a murderer. Fran later saw Ransom stealing Marta’s medical case to hide the fact that the contents of the vials had been switched, and sent him the blackmail note. Realizing that Marta had unknowingly given Harlan the correct medication, Ransom forwarded the note to Marta. He burned down the medical examiner’s office to destroy evidence of Marta’s innocence. Finally, he drugged Fran with an overdose of morphine and emailed her location to Marta, planning to frame Marta for Fran’s murder.

Marta tricks Ransom into confessing by lying that Fran has survived and will implicate him; after he confesses and vows revenge, she vomits on him, revealing the lie. Enraged, he attacks her with a knife, but it is a retractable stage knife. The police have recorded Ransom’s confession, and arrest him. Marta asks Blanc when he realized she played a part in Harlan’s death, and Blanc responds that he knew from the beginning, noting a small spot of blood on one of Marta’s shoes. As Ransom is taken into custody, Marta watches the Thrombeys depart from what is now her mansion.

Good fun, some good acting with a bit of humour. Craig is obviously having a ball playing his role, which is planned on being a new series. As is Evans, relishing in his role as a villains and totally different from what we normally see him as. You have a great cast and a good story. It was enjoyable and an 8 outta 10 for me!

Create Better Music At Home

If you like to create music, you might be finding that the current situation is quite useful for that. It is a time of creative outpouring for many people, and if your creative thing is music then there are many ways in which you can hope to create music in your home with greater style and control. Of course, there are some practical tips that you might be able to take on board if you want to make sure that you are creating the best music possible in your own home, and that is what we are going to take a look at in this article. Follow these tips, and you should be making better music in no time.

Create A Space For It

It is always best if you have some kind of dedicated space for creating music. If you don’t have that at the moment, however, it is a simple enough thing to make it a reality. If you have a spare room in your home, or even something like a garden shed, then that is going to be perfect. Or if you just want to use a corner of your house, you can do that too and it should still work pretty well. Whatever kind of space you have to use, make sure that you commandeer it and make the most of it.

There are many things to consider in creating a musical space in your home. You obviously want to be able to create music without disruption or interruption, and without interrupting anyone else in the home too, so there are things to think about there. You can these days buy cheap soundproofing materials which you can then easily put up on the walls of a room, and in so doing you will find that you have a much better, soundproofed space in which you can work away. That is important for keeping focused on your music – and not annoying your family or neighbours.

But that’s only one part of it. You should also ensure that it is a big enough space to move around in and to fit all of your instrument and equipment in, and that is something that you really have to be careful about. As long as you have such a space, you should find that it is going to really make a difference after all.

Once you have your space set up, the next thing is to make sure that you can set up within that space in such a way that you can create happily and easily without having to worry about it at all. That is a much better way to feel creative and to get the creative juices flowing whenever you need to.

Gather Materials

It can be surprising how many materials you need to make use of when you are creating music in the home. In a way, you will probably find that you are always looking for new materials, and this is certainly part of the process of being a musician generally. Gathering those materials is something you can easily do from home even if you are not able to leave your home for a long period of time, such as during this coronavirus epidemic. It’s all about knowing where to look and being persistent in looking for what you really need.

In all of this, the internet is obviously a hugely valuable resource which you will want to make the best use of you possibly can. On the internet, you can get hold of a range of music software that you can use to create songs, including suites which really are complete in their ability to provide you with what you need to make whatever music you like. You can also find places where you can get hold of samples and so on which you can use, sometimes for free. There are plenty of free beats on youtube which you can make use of, for instance – but do make sure that you have checked the royalty on them before you use them, just in case.

Once you start to look around, you will find that you can get all you need online. It really is a good idea to look there when you are trying to gather materials necessary for creating music.

Practice Your Instruments

If you have an instrument, or even a range of instruments, in your home, then you will of course likely want to make use of these too. You can do that by ensuring that you are practising those instruments as much as possible – something that you probably have a lot of time for at the moment with everything that is going on. Often it is much more enjoyable to play music this way than digitally, and of course you can also record yourself and make use of that recording in your digital suite music creation too. All in all, it’s a good idea to continually practice your instruments, so that you can make sure that you are going to use that skill as much as possible in your music creation.

Get In Touch With Other Musicians

It’s also a good idea to continually be in touch with other musicians in whatever way you can, as this is helpful in feeling inspired and keeping your music going strong. You can do this online easily enough, of course, whether through social media or other means. You might even want to think about setting up a Zoom call and playing some music for someone at some point – in doing so, you are likely going to find that you are improving your skills while also helping yourself to feel encouraged. It can also be a great confidence booster, so that is something that you can be glad for. All in all it is going to help you to feel much more in line with your own desires and abilities, and that is one of the great things music can do for us all.

Arsenal News 24-April-2020

Arsenal have slammed FOUR of their players after they breached coronavirus lockdown rules. David Luiz, Granit Xhaka, Nicolas Pepe and Alexandre Lacazette are all said to have broken the guidelines set by the Government – and by the Gunners themselves. The North Londoners confirmed to Sky Sports all players had been spoken to about their behaviour. Pepe was filmed enjoying a kickabout with mates in a park, while Xhaka and Luiz met up in Southgate. Lacazette was snapped talking to a car valeter on his driveway. Hopes the club might sneak into the Champions League off the back of Uefa’s coefficient ranking were dashed on Thursday.

Arsenal are fourth in the table according to European football’s accumulative points system earned over the past five years. But Uefa have confirmed that “sporting merit” must be used to determine qualifiers if the season cannot be completed – meaning a points-per-game tally or play-off. In the world of transfers, one man unlikely to arrive at Emirates Stadium is Eduardo Camavinga. Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane is reportedly pushing through his side’s bid for the 17-year-old Rennes prodigy. Arsenal can nonetheless count on Pablo Mari’s services next season though, if they complete a £10million deal for the loanee centre-back that The Athletic report as likely.

Mesut Ozil could have grounds to cancel his Arsenal contract if they impose a pay cut without his consent. As reported by the Daily Star, article 14 of Fifa’s ’Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players’ states: “A contract may be terminated by either party without consequences of any kind (either payment of compensation or imposition of sporting sanctions) where there is just cause. “Any abusive conduct of a party aiming at forcing the counter-party to terminate or change the terms of the contract shall entitle the counter-party (a player or a club) to terminate the contract with just cause.” Mesut Ozil’s Erkut Sogut has already warned Arsenal that the legality of any pay cut on his client may be questionable.

Thomas Partey has dealt Arsenal a blow by distancing himself from comments made from his father about leaving Atletico Madrid. The Ghana midfielder’s dad Jacob had said Arsenal were in talks with Atletico over a move for the 26-year-old.

Working @Home Blues

It’s been a month now since we started working at home due to the lockdown rules & the Coronavirus pandemic. For those of you, including me, who thought that working at home would be a much better deal – NEWS FLASH! It isn’t at all. Especially if you work for an organization like mine. While our usual working hours are 9 in a day, we were asked if we could volunteer an extra hour officially. However it is more like we are being forced to work that 10th hour daily and to get that extra hour work in most of usually start a couple of hours early. Hence it is like we are at our work systems for 12 hours anyways.

It is hot and humid and that takes a toll on you. I usually end up in a pile of sweat after a couple of hours so I need breaks to cool off. I need cold water, perhaps a banana or an apple (I keep my apples in the fridge as I hate eating warm apples and cold ones tend to be more refreshing and juicy). So I start reading my office mail at around 6 or 6:30 pm and shut down my system after work at around 6:30 am. And now they want us to work more on certain things but maintain these hours as well. Is this the way to live?

I cannot wait for this shitty lockdown to end. I want to go back to the way things were. I am drained and I a tired and I am getting fed up.