3 Fast-Acting Ways To Get New Visitors On Your Blog

A few weeks ago, you may have seen an article that spoke about improving your website for visitors. Many of you seemed to enjoy that, but there were a few private messages that pointed out one significant flaw. That post assumes that you’re already generating web traffic. For a lot of bloggers, this isn’t the case. The internet is a wide web full of billions of users and just as many websites. It’s easy to get lost amongst all the other blogs out there.

So, today’s post will address that issue. Read on, and you’ll find some fast-acting ways to get new visitors on your blog:

Share your stuff on socials

Social media is a surefire way to get more people on your blog. Sharing your content is incredibly simple. Just copy the link, and post it. The secret is using hashtags to get more eyes on your posts. Hashtags on social media are basically keywords or trending topics people search for. It helps you reach a much wider audience as people other than those that follow you will see your posts. From here, they can click the link, visit your site, and read your content. Make sure your blog content is top-notch to keep people coming back for more.

Write for more popular blogs/websites

Guest posting is what we call this. You create content for a different website, and they post it. Plenty of outlets let you do this nowadays. It benefits them as they get regular content from all the people guest-posting. It benefits you as you take advantage of an established audience. You know a site gets thousands of visitors every day, so you can get your content out there. People click on your guest post, give it a read, and can go straight to your blog. Be sure you include a link to your blog, so they know where to find you.

Use PPC advertising

SEO is clearly a massive part of generating organic blog traffic. However, it’s not on this list as it doesn’t count as ‘fast-acting’. An SEO strategy might take weeks or months to start yielding the desired results. On the contrary, PPC advertising is more instant. Here, you bid on ads and get your blog right at the top of search results. The impact is immediate as more people see your blog and can click on it. It’s wise to look for things like Cardinal PPC management as you need a company to oversee your campaign. PPC can be cost-effective and boost your traffic, but only if you know what you’re doing. If you don’t, then some PPC management services will help.

As mentioned above, you will find other ways of getting traffic to your blog. Still, these three methods are the quickest. If you employ them now, you will likely see the impact right away. Of course, be sure your content is up to scratch. Getting new visitors can be easy, but the hard part is making them stick around. This is done with great content!

Keep Everyone Safe In Your Car

When you are a driver, otu have a certain set of rules to follow which apply to keeping yourself, your passengers and those around you safe. It is your duty to ensure that people remain safe and with new laws and regulations set out often, you must be on the ball and be prepared when things may change. Some of the standard safety rules that you must adhere to are as follows:

Knowing Your Car And Its Capabilities:

  • Shatter resistant glass. This feature will provide a windshield that breaks into thousands of harmless pieces in the event of an accident so it avoids cuts and injuries.
  • Seatbelts – Make sure everyone in the car is wearing them.
  • Airbags – These must be installed and tested, it’s vital that you adhere to this and use airbags.
  • Anti-lock braking systems.
  • Stability control.
  • Lights – Do not travel if you can’t see well. It’s important for everyone’s safety, especially iteh driving conditions are poor.
  • Mirrors – utilize your mirrors all the time and be aware of the other vehicles around you.
  • Bumpers.

This applies to any passenger vehicle. A passenger vehicle is one that will carry 10 or fewer passengers. A lot of new cars will come with added safety features but they are not always easily to attain as many of us can’t afford to purchase a new car. But if you are looking to do so, then be aware of the features that will really help. Some important safety features are now required on new vehicles anyway and some of these include front airbags, electronic stability control, safety belts, and the LATCH child safety seat system. Driving with children can be difficult, especially if they get car sick or are prone to being rowdy. This can distract you from the road. Try and keep your children entertained and make them aware of road safety, also. Another safety feature to look out for is the side-curtain airbags, while not required by regulation, have become standard on many new cars in recent years.

What is an active safety feature? SHould I consider this with my next car purchase?

Active safety features are those that help to prevent any type of road crashes. They are different to passive safety features in the sense that they are purely designed to protect vehicle occupants after a crash has occurred. Active safety features will engage and either prevent the crash or reduce the impact and severity if the crash is unavoidable.

Being aware of the safety features of cars will help you make educated decisions when buying your next car and will allow you to make good choices. There are plenty of safe cars but it’s vital to make sure that you are buying one of them next time you buy. Mazda had the most Top Safety Pick+ winners of any automaker with five vehicles on the list according to USA Today. Do your research and be sure to look into the types of safety features that will be best suited to your needs.

Choosing the Right Workers for the Job

We all need a helping hand when it comes to running our businesses. No matter how broad your own skill set may be, or how much time you dedicate to your company, you’ll eventually find that one person can only do so much and you really will have to accept help if you want to keep everything up and running. But if you haven’t had staff of any sort before, you may be feeling a bit lost as to where you should start. When it comes down to it, there are a few different staffing options you have on your hands and knowing which to opt for can help to progress your business, save you money and generally see things work out better for you and your company. Here are some of the most common and popular options you might want to choose between!


When you’re first starting out, you might not have the budget or stability available to commit to paying a permanent member of staff. Plus, you might simply not have sufficient work available to justify an ongoing full or part time role. This is where freelancers come in useful. These individuals will complete one off projects as and when you need them worked on. Using freelancers is particularly handy in situations such as needing a new logo designed, needing a website designed or built or having a few product descriptions written. It’s beneficial for the freelancer too, as they gain flexibility and freedom in their work.


The alternative option is taking on employees. These will be contracted staff who you commit to offering a certain workload – for example, 35 hours a week. This is a great option for roles that require ongoing work, such as a marketing manager or customer support. Of course, taking employees on is a big responsibility, so be aware of all of the legalities surrounding the scenario. You’ll have to provide a safe working environment, pay minimum wage and tackle any issues within the workplace seriously. In return, you’ll gain a loyal workforce who will familiarise themselves with your brand and require minimal guidance and supervision. The recruitment process can be relatively long – including job advertising, the use of Video interview software, face to face interviews and reference checks. But it’s all worth it in the end to create a good quality team!


If you’re looking for someone who falls between the categories of freelancer and employee, you’re looking at taking on a contractor. These professionals are not employees, but you will sign a contract committing to a set amount of work for a set amount of time. Their services will generally be used when you have a lengthy (say, two or three month) project that needs to be completed.

These are just three staffing options that you have available to you, but they are some of the most commonly used. One should tick your boxes and provide you with the work you need!