Should You Really Google Your Potential Hires?

When you hire new people, you are trusting them with a piece of your business. It doesn’t matter if you are hiring a cleaner or a receptionist, or even if you are hiring your new VP of Finance. You need to think about how you vet your hire. Many different business leaders choose to go down a little avenue called Google when they are hiring someone, but is this really the avenue which you want to go down, too?

Vetting is one of the most serious parts of the hiring process. You have to make sure that you’re not wasting your time and money on a new person who is not going to fit your business. The thing is, you can choose drug testing and any number of ways to vet people, but you need to think twice about choosing to Google. Why? Well, for a range of reasons and we have put them together for you below to help you to understand why it’s a bad idea.

  • You Could Get The Wrong Person

You could search the name of the person you interviewed and find fifty thousand different people of the same name. Are you really going to waste time searching through each face on profile pictures? What about if you find someone who has been in prison with the same name? You’re automatically going to assume it’s the person you interviewed, and then you’ll be in trouble because you will lose a great hire because of the wrong identity.

  • Some Information Is Classified

If your interviewee didn’t tell you they were pregnant or what their real age is, you would hire them on merit. But if you went onto Instagram and found out that they were older, or pregnant, or a Jehovah’s Witness, any number of things could make you change your mind about them. Of course, it shouldn’t come down to that as it’s illegal for a start, but the information that they choose not to share about their personal lives shouldn’t impact their job, and yet for some employers it will.

  • It’s Icky

Okay, this doesn’t sound like a professional reason not to do it, but spying on someone? It’s got the ick factor. You can’t prejudge someone based on their social media content as you don’t know them yet. People often have a professional personality and a completely different one around their friends and family, and you will be judging harshly based on the wrong things!

  • It’s Not The Right Way To Assess Their “Fit”

You’re hiring people for your business, and your impression of them in the interview should be enough to convince you either way if they are good for the company or not. Googling won’t help you here, and you need to be proactive. If you want to know things, ask them and don’t be lazy by Googling.

The bottom line is that there are many ways to vet your candidates and Googling is just not the way to go for a firm assessment of their ability!

Ditch the Meat: Why Utilise Seafood More in Your Diet Instead?

Seafood is a hugely varied and exciting category of food, yet despite this, it’s meat that people tend to favour. And while meat is delicious, there are lots of reasons why limiting it (or even cutting it out of your diet altogether) is definitely not a bad way to go. Here are some of the reasons why.


Meat and poultry does have some incredible health benefits, it’s full of protein and contains many minerals and vitamins that add to a healthy diet. However, the biggest problem is that people eat too much of it. As well as being rich in good stuff for our bodies, it can also be very high in fat- many kinds of meats are also processed meaning they’re full of salt and other chemicals which negatively impact health. Seafood on the other hand tends to be much lower in fat, and in many instances since it’s best eaten so fresh it doesnt go through the same processing that meat does. Studies have shown eating more seafood can alleviate conditions like depression. Fish tends to be low fat, high protein and chock full of essential vitamins and nutrients that support just about all areas of the body’s health. This means fish and seafood is a lighter, fresher and healthier alternative to many kinds of meats.


One of the other huge concerns with eating too much meat is the environmental consequences. Things like factory farming use a lot of resources such as water and fossil fuels, and produce a lot of toxic byproducts. It’s not to say that fish are 100% eco friendly, we all know how certain varieties have become massively overfished in recent years. But in general, they have less impact on the environment than raising and killing animals for meat. You could even catch your own fish, sites like Tailored Tackle have everything you need to get started for all kinds of fishing. What could be more satisfying than catching your own supper?!

It’s fast food

We all lead busy lives, we’re tired when we finish work and just want to grab something quick and easy. But pass up the burger joint or frozen pizza, fish is fantastic, fast food. Since it’s so delicate it doesnt need much in the way of cooking, and unlike meat which often needs to be marinated and slow cooked and roasted for it to taste its best, fish can be kept simple. Either lightly fried in a pan, or wrapped in a foil parcel with some lemon, herbs and vegetables in the oven and in a very short time you have a tasty meal. With so many different types of seafood from white fish to oily fish, prawns, oysters and much more, there are lots of different interesting tastes and recipes to explore!