W@H Extended Till October

The news, that broke out late Friday evening, from our country head that the powers that be at our corporate have decided that those of us who have been working at home will continue to work from home until October. Based on the current situation they felt that it would be best for the employees to stay at home and work rather than come to the offices located in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Kochi. They are still hiring new employees and the training for the new folks are being conducted online.

I am currently shadowing a training being conducted online. The trainer sits in the offices in the Philippines and the trainees, all 18 of them, are in their homes in Hyderabad. The systems that the trainees use are provided by the company. Simultaneously there is another trainer in the Philippines who is conducting another batch of 18-20 trainees as well. Me and a colleague of mine are attending the training as there are some differences from the process that we do follow in our offices here and we need to be aware of them as we will also be conducting training batches for the same process very soon.

In view of the now extended work from home situation I can’t help but feel a bit dejected. Mainly because I do not enjoy the working from home as much as I thought I would. Well atleast for this organization and process. I also want my desk back – as it is a large monitor with a CPU system, it takes up almost all the space on my desk and I cannot keep my laptop on it or the speakers. If that were fixed, I might enjoy myself more. Atleast it isn’t as hot as March, April & May were.

While I was out on Saturday, I found it depressing to see everyone with masks on. I saw more people yesterday than last Saturday and this may explain my depression. This is the new normal. I am kinda bummed about it but there is nothing that any of us can do. Life as we knew it has changed quite a bit and I hope we can get back to things as it was. Maybe, but we just have to wait it out.