Work @Home Current Routine

I am a trainer. I conducted training for my office and for the process that I work for. The situation with the coronavirus means that I cannot conduct training at the office (training batches are usually 20-30 new hires) face to face. Like a lot of people I am currently working from home and have been since March 21st. So the way around it is to conduct online training. Currently I am conducting a training for 24 new hires who are in Hyderabad. And yes they are in the office there, wearing masks and doing social distancing.

So they log in to the work systems and then log into my person Webex meeting room (the company paid for the license) and I take them through the process training. It’s for 10 days and sometimes I also conduct the communication & foundational training as well which is also 10 days and done before the process training. For this batch we are working in the 8pm to 5 am shift.

I login around 6:30 pm and check my office emails and see if I have to reply to any of them. At 7pm I have a conference call which is a daily thing. It usually ends in 15 minutes so I still have time to get another cup of coffee before the trainees reach the office building and login into their systems and I greet them, take the attendance and then do a recap before starting the sessions for the day.

At 10 pm we take an hour long break for dinner and I also give them a 20 minute break for coffee twice (a break after every 2 hours). I say good night (or good morning as it should be) at 5 am and then send out a couple of reports before lying down on my bed and watching perhaps an episode of whatever show I am rewatching (currently it is Stargate Universe) before I fall asleep. I wake up at 1 pm and get a coffee and by 1:45 pm I eat my lunch and watch more tv. At 4 I get up and go online until 6pm.