Vlog # 10 Live Post Coronavirus – Will We Go Into Another Lockdown?

Vlog # 10 Live Post Coronavirus – Will We Go Into Another Lockdown? – other than a quick 90 minute venture for some errands to get some money from my bank, go to the head post office to collect some packages and a funny update from a former-colleague and friend of mine who got a new cushy & well paying job.

RIP Peter Green

Peter Green, the dexterous blues guitarist who led the first incarnation of Fleetwood Mac in a career shortened by psychedelic drugs and mental illness, has died at 73. A law firm representing his family, Swan Turton, announced the death in a statement Saturday. It said he died “peacefully in his sleep? this weekend. A further statement will be issued in the coming days. Green, to some listeners, was the best of the British blues guitarists of the 1960s.

Green also made a mark as a composer with Albatross, and as a songwriter with Oh Well and Black Magic Woman. He crashed out of the band in 1971. Even so, Mick Fleetwood said in an interview with The Associated Press in 2017 that Green deserves the lion’s share of the credit for the band’s success. Indeed, Green was so fundamental to the band that in its early days it was called Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac.

Peter Allen Greenbaum was born on 29 October, 1946, in London. The gift of a cheap guitar put the 10-year-old Green on a musical path. He was barely out of his teens when he got his first big break in 1966, replacing Eric Clapton in John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers — initially for just a week in 1965 after Clapton abruptly took off for a Greek holiday. Clapton quit for good soon after and Green was in. In the Bluesbreakers he was reunited with Mick Fleetwood, a former colleague in Peter B’s Looners. Mayall added bass player McVie soon after. The three departed the next year, forming the core of the band initially billed as “Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac featuring (guitarist) Jeremy Spencer.”

Fleetwood Mac made its debut at the British Blues and Jazz festival in the summer of 1967, which led to a recording contract, then an eponymous first album in February 1968. The album, which included Long Grey Mare and three other songs by Green, stayed on the British charts for 13 months. The band’s early albums were heavy blues-rock affairs marked by Green’s fluid, evocative guitar style and gravelly vocals. Notable singles included Oh Well and the Latin-flavoured Black Magic Woman, later a hit for Carlos Santana. But as the band flourished, Green became increasingly erratic, even paranoid. Drugs played a part in his unraveling. Green Manalishi, Green’s last single for the band, reflected his distress.

Beginning with “Man of the World”‘s melancholy lyric, Green’s bandmates began to notice changes in his state of mind. He was taking large doses of LSD, grew a beard and began to wear robes and a crucifix. Mick Fleetwood recalls Green becoming concerned about accumulating wealth: “I had conversations with Peter Green around that time and he was obsessive about us not making money, wanting us to give it all away. In some of his last appearances with the band, he wore a monk’s robe and a crucifix. Fearing that he had too much money, he tried to persuade other band members to give their earnings to charities. While touring Europe in late March 1970, Green took LSD at a party at a commune in Munich, an incident cited by Fleetwood Mac manager Clifford Davis as the crucial point in his mental decline. Green left Fleetwood Mac for good in 1971.

In his absence, the band’s new line-up, including Christine McVie, Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, gained enormous success with a more pop-tinged sound. Green was confined in a mental hospital in 1977 after an incident with his manager. Testimony in court said Green had asked for money and then threatened to shoot out the windows of the manager’s office. Green was released later in the year, and married Jane Samuels, a Canadian, in 1978. They had a daughter, Rosebud, and divorced the following year. Green also has a son, Liam Firlej. In 1979, Green began to re-emerge professionally. With the help of his brother Michael, he was signed to Peter Vernon-Kell’s PVK label, and produced a string of solo albums starting with 1979’s In the Skies. He also made an uncredited appearance on Fleetwood Mac’s double album Tusk, on the song “Brown Eyes”, released the same year.

Green returned to performing in the 1990s with the Peter Green Splinter Group and released 9 solo albums. In 1998, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame along with other past and present members of Fleetwood Mac.

Sea Fever

Sea Fever is a 2019 science fiction thriller film written and directed by Neasa Hardiman, starring Hermione Corfield, Dougray Scott and Connie Nielsen. The film follows the crew of a marooned fishing trawler, who find themselves threatened by a parasitic infection.

Siobhan, a scientist studying faunal behavioral patterns, purchases a place on the fishing trawler the Niamh Cinn Ă“ir, manned by a crew of six: skipper Gerard, his wife Freya, ship’s engineer Omid, Johnny, Ciara, and Sudi. As they set off, they are warned by the Coast Guard that their planned destination, which is rich with fish, is in an exclusion zone. Gerard, unbeknownst to the others, takes them into the zone, because he needs a large haul of fish on this outing to keep the ship. As they travel through the zone, the ship runs into an unknown, shoal-like object which stops the boat. Omid discovers strange breaches in the hull which exude a blue-green slime. The crew suspects barnacles, and as Siobhan possesses the only diving gear onboard, Gerard sends her armed with a knife to cut the boat free. Underwater, she discovers the tentacles of an enormous bio-luminescent organism far below adhering to the boat.

Thinking it may be a newly-discovered form of giant squid, the crew attempt to capture it with their net, but the creature proves too heavy. While releasing the net, Johnny cuts his hand on the rope, which is covered in the same slime. The crew sees another ship on the horizon, and Gerard, Johnny, and Siobhan row to it to seek help. Once onboard they find the entire crew dead from suicide inside the cabin, with one of the men appearing to have had his eyes scooped out. Gerard instructs the others not to speak of this discovery, calling it “sea fever” and insisting the other crew merely went mad. Upon their return to their own ship, they discover that the creature has released them. Lowering their nets, they make large catch of fish, and the crew is in high spirits.

That night, Johnny begins to exhibit uncharacteristic behavior, including wanting to go for a swim. Suspecting a fever, Siobhan performs a medical diagnosis on him and discovers movement in his retinas. As he is washing his face, Johnny suddenly goes blind and his eyes burst, releasing minuscule organisms that slither down the drain and enter the ship’s water system. The crew rushes to save Sudi, who is taking a shower. Sudi suffers numerous cuts over his body as the waterborne creatures bite him, and Johnny dies from his injuries. Checking their water filtration system the crew find that their entire water supply has been contaminated by the small creatures, who Siobhan realizes are larvae of the larger creature. Gerard pilots the ship towards home as quickly as possible.

Disinfectant and UV light both fail to kill the larvae in the ship’s water. As a last ditch effort, Siobhan and Omid electrocute the trawler using the ship’s arc welder, apparently sterilizing the boat’s water supply and preventing further infection. However, Siobhan insists that when they arrive at port, they self-quarantine on the trawler for a further 36 hours before returning to shore: if any of them have already been infected, they risk introducing the infection to the public. When Sudi dies from the infection, and the crew refuses to quarantine, Siobhan disables the trawler by entangling the propeller.

The crew checks their eyes for the parasites. Siobhan, Omid, Freya, and Ciara show no signs of infection, but Gerard is clearly infected, and after a heartfelt goodbye Freya mercy kills him by slicing his throat. Ciara goes insane and attacks Siobhan, only to fall to her death. As Ciara dies, a parasite emerges from her eye, revealing her to have been infected. Now with only Freya, Siobhan, and Omid remaining, Freya decides to take the rowboat and try to make it to shore to double their chances of being found.

Siobhan and Omid discover that one of the larvae in the ship’s water tank survived and has become a larger creature, which eats through the ship’s hull to return to the ocean. The trawler begins to sink. Siobhan and Omid use alcohol to ignite a fire on the Niamh Cinn Ă“ir and then abandon it on an inflatable boat. Omid, who cannot swim, falls overboard, and as he thrashes he is seized by the adult creature. Siobhan rescues him, but cuts her bare hand on the creature’s tendril, becoming infected. As a rescue helicopter, alerted by the fire, approaches, Siobhan dives into the water, swimming down towards the bioluminescent creature.

Kerala To Go Into Another Lockdown?

More than 1000 people infected in one day in the state. We are going into another lockdown people.

Hospitals are getting overwhelmed. Shame but if this helps like earlier I guess there is no other way. Kerala may consider returning to a statewide lockdown to curb the spread of COVID-19. A final decision on this matter will be taken at a special cabinet meeting to be held on Monday. The move comes in the wake of 1,038 cases being detected in the state in a single day on Wednesday. This had forced the government to announce a case in Ernakulam’s Aluva region and also tighten vigil across the state.

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that the state’s fatality average is 0.31 per cent when compared to the national average of 2.41 per cent. The state’s situation is better, but some cannot digest it, he said, while responding to criticism from the Opposition. Kerala has registered a total of 15,032 cases so far including 8,818 cases that are currently active. 6,164 patients have recovered, while 47 have died in the state. Taking another precautionary measure, the government on Thursday announced cancellation of the assembly session scheduled from July 27, reported the news agency. Government’s consideration for a state-wide lockdown comes even as capital city Thiruvananthapuram and many parts of the district are already under lockdown for over two weeks and will continue to observe it till July 28.

This is depressing guys. The economy is suffering and businesses are closing and many, many people are getting affected. I think I will stock up on some essentials just to be careful and hopefully it won’t have to come to that.

Living Within Your Means Successfully

Being responsible with your finances is something that is really important in life. Living within our means is something that means that you don’t spend more than you earn. This can sound really simple, right? But if it was that simple, then why are many households paying off loans and credit card debts? It can definitely be easier said than done.

Credit cards, loans, and having an emergency fund can help us to buy more and get more than we might be able to normally. Unfortunately, that kind of mindset and lifestyle isn’t one that is really conducive to living in a sustainable way. If you don’t take control, then in the worst case scenario it could lead to something like bankruptcy. You could see www.DTSS.us for more information around that, but this post can help to get you on the right track too. At some point along the line, it will all catch up with you and become too much. Living within your means, or really below your means, will help you to avoid high-interest rates, unnecessary debts, and help you to be on the road to financial freedom.

Know your income

If you want to control your finances and be in control, then you need to know what your means are. That is all about knowing exactly what your income is, whether that is yours alone, a combined family income, or yours with a partner. Checking paychecks is a good place to start, and remember to look at net income, as that is what is actually yours to spend. You should check your payday dates too, so that they align with the dates that you have to pay bills. A lot of banks and utility companies are flexible when your payments are taken, so these can easily be adjusted so you don’t go into your overdraft or have payments bounce back.

Spend Less

As soon as you know how much income you have, you can focus on reducing that to be able to live within your means. Having a budget is a great place to start, as you can assess what you earn, as well as the necessities that you have to spend, such as bills and groceries. Make a budget a stick to it! If you’re not sure where to start with creating a budget, then this could help: www.nerdwallet.com/blog/finance/how-to-build-a-budget/. It may need some changes from time to time, and there will be times like the holidays where you may naturally need to spend more. But sticking to the budget all year round will make a big difference, and help you to put money aside for the times when you will have to spend more.

Stop Relying on Credit Cards

If you are in the habit of relying on credit cards to pay for things when you’re short, then it is a habit that you need to get out of. When you make your budget, rule out the use of credit cards completely. If you’re tempted, cut them up. Credit cards are unreliable as the bank could easily increase the interest or lower your credit limit at any time.

Your Ultimate Guide For Cinematic Drone Videos

You finally broke down and bought a drone. Whether you bought it from dronesvilla.com or straight from DJI, you were tired of watching some of your favorite Youtube videos wanting to know how your most-watched Youtubers shot those amazing aerial shots of their vacation. Now that you have the drone, you are one step closer to capturing the most beautiful aerial footage. Here is your ultimate guide for creating cinematic drone footage. By following these easy tips, you will be shooting some of your best work in no time.

Take Your Time

Making sure that you are flying your drone slowly is key when it comes to capturing cinematic footage. It allows your audience to believe that you are gathering this footage on a crane or a helicopter instead of a little plastic toy. Going slow alone will increase the production value of your shot, making it look more controlled and thoughtful. In order to capture slow footage, be sure to handle the RC control sticks with care and intention. You want to take it easy. Gradual moments are key. If you have to pick up the speed, make sure you do it slowly. The same thing applies when you have to slow the drone down a little bit. If you move too fast while accelerating and decelerating, you could wind up shaking the camera.

We all know the more the camera moves, the more likely your footage will be distorted. When you are shooting on location, make sure that you scout out the location before you start filming. This lets you know what you can do to make the most use of your drone’s battery life. There is nothing worse than getting to a far-out location to shoot content only to realize your drone needs battery power. Pre-planning and visualizing your aerial shots before you do them will help you avoid these issues.

Two Axes Of Movement

This is seen in a lot of popular movies. Two axes of movement essentially means that while you are moving in one direction, you are also moving in another. For example, if you were shooting something moving forward but upward simultaneously, that would create the look. Be sure that when you are using this technique you are shooting both axes smoothly and steadily. Doing so will also increase your production value.

Consider Moving Sideways

Sideways movement, also known as strafing, is a great option if you are trying to shot landscapes as this provides you a way to present it from a unique perspective. You could do all sorts of things with this technique like reveal surprising features of the land, helping your footage to stand out since it is more common for landscapes to be shown on aerial footage only moving forward or backward.


This drone technique is very simple to achieve. All you have to do is strafe your drone from right to left while also tugging the yaw stick in the opposite direction. In order for this to work properly, it is very important that you lightly control the yaw stick otherwise you might spin too quickly. Spinning too quickly can ruin the effect and ruin your shot.


This is a next-level technique only recommended for those that are a little more experienced navigating a drone. Fly throughs really relay on your pilot skills, so if you are shaky in that area it may be best to skip this technique. This maneuver is considered risky because you have to rely on the controller screen of your drone in order to keep it flying around and in the air. When done correctly it adds a pristine cinematic effect, but sometimes it can be an obvious indication that your footage was shot on a drone. It may be distracting for your audience.

Gimbal Movements

Utilizing gimbal movements with your drone creates three axes of movement. Talk about cinematic! Trying gimbal movements paired with your drone movements do multidimensional things to your shots. There are so many ways you can try this, like moving forward while tilting the gimbal up revealing the landscape or a person.


If you are looking for a way to let your viewers know that what you are shooting, whether it is landscape or architecture, it massive or tiny, using the parallax technique is the way to go. It adds an incredible amount of depth to your shots as it gives your viewers a better understanding of how big or small something is. Use nearby trees or other structures to help provide visual aid.

360 Pan

Though this may be an option, it is not recommended. Most drones have a difficult time being precise when performing a 360 pan. Sometimes it can give your footage the whip-pan effect, cheapening your production value. Unless you are really experienced and can work your drone like you work your car, the end result may not be how you want it.

Keep A Look Out For The Wind

Weather also makes a difference in the quality of your drone footage. Windy weather is one of the worst culprits of destroying great aerial footage. If you have a shot scheduled on a windy day, it will be best to reschedule the shoot instead of trying to work around it. The wind can cause your footage to be distorted, giving it the jello look. You may be thinking that there are programs you can use to remedy this, but sometimes those programs are not reliable. When you are flying your drone make sure that the winds are not over 20 miles per hour or if you are noticing frequent heavy gusts of wind.

Sunrise And Sunset

The golden hours are always one of the best times to shot anything. This is because shadows are highly visible during sunrise and sunset. Those shadows define whatever it is that you are shooting whether it is a lush terrain or an artful building. Not only will you capture beautiful footage by going on location and shooting during either one of these times, but you can also expect smaller crowds if you are trying to shot a location that is widely popular. More than likely there will be fewer people around, especially during sunrise. You can use this to your advantage to make your ariel drone footage stand out from the rest.

Using A Flat Image Profile

By filming in the flattest camera profile, your footage will have more cinematic appeal. When you do this, it gives you the best range from your aerial camera. It also prevents the sky and clouds from disappearing while keeping the detail in the darkest points on the ground. It is no wonder your camera settings can make or break the quality of your footage.

Adjust Your Shutter Speed

You want to make sure that your shutter speed is lowered, particularly when you are getting shots that are really close to the ground. Lowering your shutter speed prevents the strobing effect. It may be instinctual to shoot at 500th or 100th of a second, but be cautious. Though it gives you sharper frames, it can cause heavy strobing. It is recommended that you lower your shutter speed anywhere under 100th to 250th of a second.

Correct Any Distortion

Before you shoot is the best time to correct any distortion. Be sure to shoot in 4K and output the footage at 1080p. Doing this will give you more pixel density, allowing you to preserve your image quality. Depending on what kind of camera you have attached to your drone, you may need to add extra effects to your footage before you start filming. For example, there is the optics compensation effect when using a GoPro camera.

Motion Blur Helps

If there is no way you can lower your shutter speed any lower, adding motion blur to your footage in After Effects after you shoot could help your video to look more natural. You can also use an effect like pixel motion blur on After Effects or whatever editing software you use to help add natural-looking motion blur. Motion blur effect will counterbalance any heavy strobing you may have picked up.

Color Grade Your Footage

Do not forget about color grading your footage. This also increase the production value of your footage, adding to the overall mood and tone of your video. Color grading tweaks things like the hue and saturation of targeted colors in your video scene. This is an opportunity for your creativity to shine through. Adjust the colors in your video to fit your aesthetic and your footage will stand out adobe the rest on Youtube. There are a wide variety of color grading plug-ins that can be used in After Effects. These plug-ins provide a simple way to add cinematic value, advancing your footage from the drone looks to something shot on a more expensive camera.

These suggestions are sure to make some improvements to the quality of your video footage, so try them out. Your video will be showing on the big screen!

Aston Villa 1 Arsenal 0

Aston Villa’s players must prepare for a “cup final” after showing “courage” to secure a priceless win over Arsenal and move out of the Premier League relegation zone with one game to go, says boss Dean Smith. Trezeguet beat Emiliano Martinez with a powerful first-time finish after Tyrone Mings had diverted a corner into the Egypt international’s path to lift Villa out of the bottom three for the first time since 28 February. Villa moved above managerless Watford, who had started the day 17th before a heavy 4-0 home defeat by Manchester City, on goal difference.

The Midlanders’ second win in three games sets up a dramatic final day at the bottom of the table on Sunday, which Villa will begin level on points with Watford and three points ahead of Bournemouth – with two of those three teams likely to go down. Meanwhile, 16th-placed West Ham, who also play on Wednesday, still require one point to secure safety, although their goal difference ought to keep them up. Villa’s last game is away to West Ham and if they win – providing Watford do not win by a margin two or more goals greater than they do – Smith’s men will secure another season in the top flight, having spent much of it in the bottom three. A 10th league defeat means Arsenal, playing in their first match since reaching the FA Cup final, will finish outside the top six for the first time in 25 years.

They can come no higher than eighth after a disappointing performance by Mikel Arteta’s side, Eddie Nketiah going closest to equalising with a header which hit the post. However, the Gunners will still have a big say in the relegation battle when they host Villa’s rivals Watford on Sunday. During the match, a banner reading “Back Arteta Kroenke Out’ was towed by an aeroplane over Villa Park in reference to Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke.

Creating The Perfect Home Cinema In Your New Home

The day has come, you’ve finally moved to a bigger place and your DVD collection finally has the space it deserves. Now, you can start to think about creating the ultimate home cinema, so you can watch movies in the way they were meant to be seen.

But where do you start? What equipment do you need and how much should you spend?

Set a realistic budget

When it comes to building a home cinema, your ambitions need to match your bank balance. Moving home can be expensive but you might be able to use some of your Home Buyer Rebate or pick up bargains in the sales around Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

If you are determined to get top of the line equipment, you may have to build your home cinema slowly over time, adding equipment when you can afford to.

Dedicate a space

Ideally, you’ll have a space you can devote to your movie watching, perhaps an attic or a spare room. If space is an issue you can still adapt your living room. If you can, try and dedicate a space that is rectangular as the acoustics will be better than in a square room.

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

You’re going to need something to sit on when enjoying your home cinema. It’s really a matter of personal taste.  Some people like to lie down on a comfortable sofa or a reclining chair, you can use a large beanbag or just a standard armchair. Make sure you’ve got extra room for all your friends and family who are likely to be there with you too.

Where you put your seat is important too. To establish to ideal viewing angle, imagine two lines that extend forwards from the edges of the screen, the ideal angle is about 35 degrees. If the angle is less than 30 degrees you’ll be distracted by other things in the rooms and if you have an angle greater than 40 degrees the screen might feel a bit overwhelming for the space.

Projector or TV?

You can get some huge TV screens now with 4K LED screens of 75 inches becoming affordable for many people. If you’re looking for a new or second-hand TV, go for a full HD version and stick to LED rather than plasma. However, if you want a viewing screen that is over 90 inches but doesn’t cost half as much as a new apartment, then a projector screen is what you need. If you do go with a projector screen and projector, you need to pay more attention to the levels of light in your room. When using a projector screen, experts recommend that you place your main speakers behind the screen.

Other things to consider

There are many other things that you should think about when designing your cinema room, including:

  • Soundproofing
  • Sound system
  • Lighting
  • Shelving for your equipment
  • High-speed internet access for streaming

Now that you’ve designed your perfect home cinema, the biggest decision you’ll have to make is what to watch.

Current Setup


This is my setup for my personal laptop since the past almost 4 months. 120 days of working from home. Unfortunately for me this also means that I have no space on my small desk for my laptop and speakers. The clunky work desktop pc (grumble, grumble, they should have given us company laptops instead) takes up almost all the space on my desk. I have no space to keep my laptop on it or the speakers that I usually used to connect to my laptop for better sound and clarity for music and videos.

Hence I make use of this laptop table which my employees had given to us – it was a gift from the company several months ago – for my laptop. This is what you see in this pic, which is what I keep this laptop on. So unless I am lying down on my bed, I sit on my chair and use my laptop, surfing the interwebs and listening to music. I can connect my lappy to the Bluetooth speaker that I bought. When it’s time to sleep or I want to lie in bed and watch a movie, tv series episodes or football, then I place the laptop and table on the floor and enjoy the tv.

Six Ways To Get People To Volunteer At Church

When you’re sitting in church every Sunday and concentrating on the words being read to you, what do you think about? Do you focus on your community enough? Do you think about the people sitting in the pews next to you? Probably – most church-goers are enthusiastic about giving back to the community, but when push comes to shove, trying to find volunteers to get together and make a difference isn’t always easy.

No matter which church you are in, there are always requests for volunteers, and you can figure out ways to bring people together. Whether you are hoping to gather the masses for a garden party to raise money for charity, or you want to get people in one place for a canned goods drive, volunteers are a must. With that in mind, here are six ways you can get people to volunteer at your next church event.

  1. Show Them Why They’re Helping. People don’t often become excited by church, but you can make sure that they are. You need to give people a vision at every opportunity so that they can see the bigger picture and why they’re going to be helping. If you make your cause known, people will be more likely to want to volunteer.
  2. Throw In Some Swag. People will always come where the gifts are, so why not offer volunteers funky religious shirts and bandanas to announce their intentions to the rest of the world? If you are all dressed in the same way, you will be more of a team. It may seem like a small gesture, but it’s one that will be very well received!
  3. Show Them The Difference They Make. As much as volunteering is a wonderful act to be involved in, it’s not entirely selfless. People will be happier to work hard when they feel good and you can show them that they are making a difference. It makes people feel important, like they are a “someone” making a difference – because they are.
  4. Treat Them As Professionals. Volunteers are giving up their time and their energy to help and so you should treat them as the professional individuals that they are, and not lackeys. Don’t boss them around and treat them as if they’re beneath you. Work together; you are a team coming together to make something amazing happen!
  5. Invest In Your Volunteers. If you can offer monthly classes and training for your volunteers, they will always come back again and again to work with you to give back to your church. If you can offer something to expand their horizons, they’re going to invest themselves right back into the cause.

Remind Them To Choose. People choose to volunteer. They don’t become coerced into it (other than with epic t shirts!). It’s something that they make a big choice to do and by the time they realize that they can leave at any point, they won’t want to. Volunteering is community in action, so help your volunteers to feel as if they belong.

Pissed Off At India Post

Really irritated by India Post. At times I think the postmen’s brain is located in their assholes! Fucking morons.

Every other package and letter is left on the table in front of the building. I have been waiting for a package that has been hard to find and especially with a lot of sellers on Amazon & eBay not shipping to some parts of Asia and India. Then I find this item for sale from a seller and it’s cheap! Yay, but its been here in Kochi for several days and the postman leaves a note on the tracking “Door is closed”.

What the fuck, asshole? Leave it there and I will pick it up.


Midsommar is a 2019 folk horror film written and directed by Ari Aster and starring Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, William Jackson Harper, Vilhelm Blomgren, Ellora Torchia, Archie Madekwe, and Will Poulter. It follows a group of friends who travel to Sweden for a festival that occurs once every 90 years, only to find themselves in the clutches of a pagan cult.

Psychology student Dani Ardor is traumatized after her sister Terri kills herself and their parents by filling their home with carbon monoxide. The incident strains Dani’s relationship with her emotionally distant boyfriend, cultural anthropology student Christian Hughes. She later learns that Christian and his friends Mark and Josh have been invited by their mutual Swedish friend Pelle to attend a midsummer celebration at Pelle’s ancestral commune, the HĂĄrga, in Hälsingland. The celebration occurs only once every 90 years and Josh, also an anthropology student, wants to write his thesis on it. Christian had hidden the trip from Dani, wanting to break up with her before leaving, but invites her along after she finds out about it.

The group flies to Sweden and arrives at the commune, where they meet Simon and Connie, an English couple from London who were invited by Pelle’s communal brother Ingemar. He offers the group psychedelic mushrooms, and Dani has hallucinations of Terri while under the drug’s influence. Tensions rise after the group witnesses an ättestupa, a tradition which sees two commune elders killing themselves by leaping from a cliff onto a rock. When one of the elders survives the fall, the commune members mimic his wails of agony and crush his skull with a mallet, while commune elder Siv attempts to calm Dani and her friends by explaining that this is a normal thing every member does when they reach the age of 72. The scene disturbs the group but they decide to stay long enough for Josh to finish his thesis, while Simon and Connie decide to leave. An elder tells Connie that Simon has already left without her. Confused and suspicious, Connie decides to leave on her own; later, a woman’s wail is heard in the distance.

Christian also decides to write his thesis on the HĂĄrga, creating a rift between him and Josh, who accuses him of copying his idea. Meanwhile, Dani’s already weak mental state deteriorates, exacerbated by her decision to leave her supply of the anti-anxiety medication Ativan at home. After Mark unwittingly urinates on an ancestral tree and incites the fury of the commune, he is lured away during dinner by a female member who feigns interest in him. That night, Josh sneaks into the temple to take a photograph of the commune’s sacred runic text, which an elder had previously forbidden him from doing. He sees a nude man wearing Mark’s skinned face and is hit over the head, after which his body is dragged away.

The next day, Dani is coerced into taking more psychedelic drugs and ends up winning a maypole dancing competition, subsequently being crowned May Queen. At the same time, Christian is given more drugs before being coerced into a sex ritual designed to impregnate one of the female members, Maja, while older naked female members watch. After discovering Christian and Maja having sex, Dani has a panic attack, during which the commune’s younger women surround her and mimic her cries. After the ritual, Christian comes to his senses and tries to run away, but he instead discovers Josh’s leg planted in a flowerbed and Simon’s body (which has been turned into a blood eagle) in a barn. Christian is then paralyzed by an elder.

The commune leaders explain to Dani that, to purge the commune of its evil, nine human sacrifices must be offered. The first four victims are outsiders (Mark, Josh, Simon, and Connie) lured to them by Pelle and Ingemar, while the next four victims are commune members (the two elders sacrificed during the ättestupa and two volunteers from the commune in the form of Ingemar and Ulf). As May Queen, Dani must choose either Christian or a local villager to be the ninth and final victim. She chooses to sacrifice Christian, who is stuffed into a disemboweled brown bear’s body and placed in a small wooden temple alongside the other live sacrifices and corpses. The temple is set on fire and the commune members celebrate by mimicking the screams and wails of those being burned alive. Dani initially sobs in horror, but gradually begins smiling with a distant look in her eye.

This is a mind fuck for the most part. Tons of symbolism and messages in the film. 7.5 outta 10!

Arsenal 2 Manchester City 0

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta outmanoeuvred his mentor Pep Guardiola as the Gunners reached the FA Cup final with victory at Wembley. Arteta, who left his job as Manchester City assistant manager to succeed Unai Emery at Arsenal in December, now has a chance to mark his first season in charge with major silverware when they face Chelsea or Manchester United in the final on 1 August. The match-winner was Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, the world-class striker Arsenal are desperate to secure on a new long-term contract, as he ruthlessly exposed City’s defensive deficiencies.

Aubameyang had already shot straight at Ederson with one clear chance but there was no escape for City after 19 minutes when he showed great technique to steer home Nicolas Pepe’s cross with the outside of his foot at the far post. City dominated possession after the break but squandered their opportunities and Aubameyang made them pay once more in the 71st minute when he raced away on the angle to slide a composed finish under the keeper. This was a personal triumph for Arteta and completes a superb week after the victory over Premier League champions Liverpool at Emirates Stadium on Wednesday. And there was so much to admire about Arsenal’s willingness to adopt a courageous gameplan, happy to patiently keep possession – often in their own area – with one such passage of play leading to Aubameyang’s opener.

As against Liverpool, Arsenal were well-organised and resilient at the back, willing to throw bodies on the line to repel the wave of City attacks in the second half as the holders tried to hold on to the FA Cup. David Luiz had the sort of nightmare many believed would end his Arsenal career when they played City in their first post-lockdown game at Etihad Stadium, making a mistake leading to a goal then being sent off after conceding a penalty. This was the other side of the maverick Brazilian defender, a rock at the heart of Arsenal’s defence and a central figure in this victory. The spearhead, however, was the 31-year-old Gabon striker Aubameyang, who was a huge threat throughout and illustrated exactly why he is among the game’s elite group of strikers.

An ever-present menace, his two finishes were of the highest quality and demonstrated his big-match temperament.This is why Arsenal are so keen to get his signature on a lucrative new deal – and why they will have a chance of winning the FA Cup no matter who they face in the final.

My Life Is A WebEx Meeting Room

With Covid-19 and the pandemic hitting us, a lot of us are working from home. As I conduct a lot of training batches I need a virtual tool to let me talk to and chat with the trainees. My company has gotten me a Webex license so that I can send the link to my trainees and have them use that to hear my voice and attend the sessions. I share share documents and I can share my screen so I can show them the ropes of the work that they are expected to do. I can also see them if they enable the webcam and they can see me as well.

Ever since I got my license and therefore my own meeting room, it has become easy to have trainees attend my sessions. Also it is easy for my team members to join in and discuss things that need to be done and sharing reports and stuff like that. I love this interface as if you have a good brandband connection you can easily work from home.

Cisco Webex is an American company that develops and sells web conferencing and videoconferencing applications. It was founded as WebEx in 1995 and taken over by Cisco Systems in 2007. Its headquarters is in Milpitas, California.