Heavy Rainfall In Kerala

Following a red alert issued by the India Meteorological Department (IMD)- of heavy to very heavy rainfall in parts of Kerala, torrential rains pounded Idukki district, resulting in a major landslide. Fifteen others have been rescued so far and are undergoing treatment at the Tata General Hospital in Munnar. Cost of treatment will be borne by the state, the Chief Minister said, announcing ? 5 lakh as compensation for the families of those killed.

As heavy rains continues in Kerala, the IMD has once again issued a red alert for Thrissur, predicting severe spells of rains in the coming days. Meanwhile, latest reports say 10 people have died in the landslide. Rescue workers at the landslide site in Rajamala, Idukki district (Munnar) shift bodies on make-shift slings.

On Thursday heavy rains caused a temporary bridge in the district to collapse, state authorities said. The entire district was on red alert for likely extremely heavy rainfall today. Idukki district also saw floods in low-lying areas like Munnar, which is a popular tourist destination near Rajamalai, because of rising water levels of a nearby river. Heavy rain also lashed Ernakulam district, with a Shiva temple in Aluva flooded after significantly increased water levels in the Periyar River. Rain and landslides also disrupted life in Wayanad district’s Kurichiyarmala area, where two houses have been damaged so far, according to ANI. Wayanad district’s Panamaram area has also reported floods after continuous rainfall over the last three days, news agency ANI reported.

A red alert has been issued for tomorrow (August 8 ) for Idukki, Thrissur, Wayanad and Palakkad districts, while an orange alert has been sounded for all other districts except Thiruvananthapura. Here in Kochi it’s been really heavy rains since early morning and it has affected power in some areas and internet in some (including mine).

Creamy & Peanutty

Something that I have wanted to try for a very long time but just didn’t get round to it until very recently is peanut butter. I mean, I think I have had a little bit when I was very young but I can honestly say that I haven’t had any in over 30 years or so. I dunno why.

Peanut butter milkshakes have been one of my favourites at some cafes or fast food restaurants. I just love the taste. Which is why I can’t believe that it has taken me this long to go buy some peanut butter for my sandwiches. But in June one of my colleagues told me that he had ordered some peanut butter for his morning breakfast sandwiches. I having never had them on sandwiches, thought that I should get some and so I ordered one from an online delivery app. However it turned out to be the crunchy which is very thick and dry and it is difficult to spread on bread.

I did like the taste though and later bought a small jar of the creamy kind since that is easier to spread and I love it. Once it ran out I ordered a big jar of the creamy kind and it’s my go to breakfast now. Though I must say that it is a bit heavy and I tend to also like a lot on my bread hence I end up feeling quite full if I have two sandwiches. But it sure is tasty. The brand I buy is Sundrop and if you are in India please do try the creamy kind. You’ll love it.