Graveyard Shift Beckons

The day shift are done and I will back to night shifts from tomorrow onwards. That means 10:30 pm to 7:30 am shift and it will probably be for the next 2 weeks if not longer. But I hope it won’t be longer than that since I tend to feel very tired and not get enough sleep during these night shifts. I also tend to spend more time in bed just trying to rest during these shifts and that is not something that I like.

If I am not sleeping or ill or watching a tv show/movies then I do not like to lie in bed. Watching a movie or a tv show from your bed is very relaxing and I love doing that. Anyways, back to the shift schedule. I hate this shift but I guess I have to do it. I hope it is darker and cooler during the next 2 weeks because that will help me to get to sleep earlier and more easier after my shift ends. If it is sunny and bright post 7:30 am then I find it difficult to go to sleep easily.

During these shifts I will also be skipping on lunch as I tend to do. Since I will finish work at 7:30 am I will eat a nice breakfast and then go to sleep as soon as I can. Maybe even watch a little tv to help put me to sleep. I tend to wake up well into the evening and will drink coffee and have a snack before I shower and shave if needed. I will have dinner before I start work.