Kakkanad & Office Visit Post Lockdown

I went to the office today for the first time since March 20th. I didn’t realize that I missed it so much and was happy to see the premises. I was only there to get a replacement for a small device that I need to access the client tools. I woke up at 1:30 pm, after my 10:30 pm to 7:30 am shift and then waited for about 30 minutes before taking a shower and a shave. I then had my lunch and got ready. I had booked a cab and called him as he was nearby and went down, mask in hand.

We went to Kakkanad and I was passing by areas that I haven’t been to since the lockdown started. Kaloor, Palarivattom and Kakkanad areas. Happy to pass by with less traffic, not happy because of the reason. On the way I saw several taxi cabs and some are Uber and Ola drivers in them, seller chips and other snacks items out of their cars, which were parked by the side of the roads. That is a sad thing to see. Some of the snacks were cheaper than usual. They gotta make a living.

In 30 minutes we reached the office andI was only there for about 25 minutes or so, spoke to a couple of colleagues and then left. Still felt nice to see the place. I left soon after and bought some medicines on my way home. I came home, ordered some hot chocolate and had a light snack and then fell asleep after watching a couple of episodes of The X-Files.

Changing My Gmail Look

Gmail, is the default personal email id for most people. I have a gmail id and a hotmail id but to be honest hotmail sucks. Gmail is so much better but since I have used my hotmail id for several official purposes I am scared to make a change and not use hotmail anymore.

Gmail, like a lot of web applications has themes and other customization options. I remember that the first time I found out about themes on Gmail, I tried out a few and then settled on one. That lasted for a while before I selected this one below. I am not sure how long this theme has lasted but I am sure it has been atleast 6 or 7 years since I chose this particular theme. I like the fall look but it has been too long.

I check on my email at home on my laptop a few times a day. Social media, actual emails, app related, alerts etc etc. Since I get so many emails in a day, I tend to access it several times on my phone and on my laptop. Now I just felt that I was getting bored of this particular fall theme and though to make  a change. After several minutes I settled on this one.

This theme should last a few years or so. I don’t change them too often but this is rather nice, don’t you think.