Room To Stretch

I would like to make some additional changes to my computer setup. As discussed before, I am using my work station given to me by my employers right before the start of the full fledged lockdown in late March. But since my desk is very small, I do not have space for anything else on it, other than say a coffee mug (or beer mug) and a bottle of water.

I am getting jealous of other people’s work setup at home and seeing some of these pics are making me green with envy. Ofcourse, I cannot do anything about the model and make of the desktop but I am looking out for a slightly lengthier desk so I can place a couple of more things on it. It would be nice if I could get my laptop onto it as well as my speakers.

Look at this guy’s setup! He has space for a large monitor for his desktop pc (granted it does seem like it’s an all in one pc), keyboards, a mouse, smartphone, a tablet oc and a laptop! And there;s enough space for a small plant on one end and enough room to stretch out as well. Why I never! Grrrrr, you know what? That makes me mad!