Charlie’s Angels (2019)

The 2019 Charlie’s Angels is a American action comedy film written and directed by Elizabeth Banks from a story by Evan Spiliotopoulos and David Auburn. It stars Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska as the new generation of Angels who are working for a private detective agency named the Townsend Agency. The film is the third installment in the Charlie’s Angels film series and serves as a continuation of the story that began with the television series of the same name by Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts, and the two previous theatrical films, Charlie’s Angels (2000) and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (2003).

A team of Angels, led by senior operative┬áJohn Bosley, capture international embezzler Jonny Smith in┬áRio de Janeiro┬áand turn him over to American authorities. A year later, the European division of the Townsend Agency is informed that Elena Houghlin, an engineer and programmer employed by entrepreneur Alexander Brok, wants to expose her superiors. She knows that Brok’s head of development, Peter Fleming, is covering up a discovery about how an energy conservation device that she helped invent, Calisto, has the potential to trigger fatal seizures when used. She meets with operative Edgar “Bosley” in┬áHamburg┬áto turn over her findings, but an assassin named Hodak ambushes the meeting and subsequently kills Edgar, leaving Elena to drown. Edgar’s prot├ęg├ę, Jane Kano, rescues her and brings her to operative Rebekah “Bosley” with the help of her partner, Sabina Wilson. Meanwhile, John, who has since retired from the agency, discovers that Rebekah has tagged him with the agency’s specialized┬ásubdermal implant┬áwithout his knowledge.

Rebekah tasks Sabina and Jane, joined by Elena, with breaking into Brok’s corporate headquarters to steal the remaining Calisto prototypes before they can be duplicated. Elena finds one of the devices but is forced to use it to escape, accidentally killing the chief of security Ralph in the process, while the other prototypes are already gone, and Fleming is identified as the thief. Rebekah tracks him to┬áIstanbul, where Jane utilizes one of her old intelligence contacts, Fatima, to locate Fleming. They track him to a remote rock quarry, where the supposedly-imprisoned Smith is revealed to be Fleming’s intermediary for selling Calisto. Hodak is also present and kills Fleming before the Angels break up the sale. Rebekah suddenly disappears, allowing Smith and Hodak to escape with the prototypes.

Returning to their safehouse, Sabina shares her growing belief that Rebekah is secretly working against the agency and has been manipulating them to steal Calisto for her own benefit. While the three ponder Sabina’s suspicion, the safehouse is bombed. Rebekah shows up only to be shot by John, who has come to rescue Elena. Sabina and Jane manage to survive and seek medical help from Fatima. Rebekah reappears and explains that John is the real traitor and that he has spent the last few decades secretly building his own network within the agency after he was passed over to succeed the late Charlie Townsend. John takes Elena to a party hosted by Brok in┬áChamonix, who reveals himself as the mastermind behind the attempt to assassinate Elena and, unbeknownst to him, John’s plan to weaponize Calisto.

Using Elena’s colleague Langston as a hostage, John forces her to program a Calisto device to kill both Langston and herself before leaving. The Angels, having deduced his plan due to the information provided by Smith, who is later revealed to have defected to their side, show up and rescue Elena and Langston, Elena having already disabled the Calisto device. Jane exacts revenge by impaling Hodak on a spike, while Rebekah catches up with John and his men. Outnumbered, she has other Angels posing as guests subdue the men, after which Sabina knocks out John with a punch. Brok is arrested for conspiracy, and Jane and Langston start a relationship. Elena is recruited as an Angel by the Townsend Agency after passing a series of rigorous training exercises. In a┬ámid-credits scene, Elena receives an official Angels tattoo and congratulations from Charlie.

This is not a well acted or well written movie. The effort seems half-assed. Blaming the audience for your failure to make a good or entertaining movie is not the way to save face. The movie’s soundtracks sucks as well! I will give this film a 6 outta 10!

3 Day Weekend

It’s been a long while since I had a 3 day weekend. This Monday is Onam and hence it is a holiday. Not that it matters much in the current coronavirus situation. Actually, wait – I take that back. I can make it matter. So yeah bring on the 3 day weekend. Cause I got plans. It doesn’t matter than most of it is gonna be done from my bed.

Saturday I plan to go out. I need a haircut badly and I want to get that done now that’s it becoming warmer again. The rains have gone but it will come back again, however I need this haircut.┬áThen I plan to buy some beer from the bar next to it. I am looking for a couple of brands in particular and I might buy them only if those brands are available.

After that I need to get to a medical store and buy some meds for the folks and my inhalers. After that I will go to Farm Gold and buy some fruits and groceries. Snacks perhaps and some colas, 7up. I will also go and get some food in one of the few places that are open for dine in. Maybe a pizza or a steak or pasta. I dunno. And some coffee. Cafe 17 is most probably my destination but I will decide later.

And I will watch some movies. I plan to try and binge the Lord of The Rings movies if I can. It is long overdue. I have only watched them once.