Newspaper Waste

When I go down to the lobby waiting for a food or grocery delivery or to pick up my mail/packages one of the things I notice that is piling up and pushed to one corner are newspapers. Every few days I check them out and find that they dates keep changing but the pile is still there. For example, this evening when I went to pickup the groceries from the delivery guy, I checked out the big pile of newspapers – some of them were from Monday & Tuesday. Someone is not picking up their paper!

This has been going on for a while. I guess someone, perhaps the president or secretary of the building is getting them thrown away after it keeps piling up. I have no clue as to why you would still be subscribing to the newspapers if you do not plan to read them or even pick them up and take them to your apartment. It’s a waste of paper and it’s ridiculous that they are just being wasted.

I guess in a few years the newspaper industry as a physical paper will eventually die down. It may take a lot longer in the case of developing nations like India because older people and people in the below poverty levels will want to get the newspaper as they cannot get used to digital media or don’t have the means to. But it will eventually die down someday.