Awesome Saturday

I had a nice day out. I’m trying to get back to some degree of normalcy by going out every Saturday and enjoy a day out of the apartment. Well 2 hours atleast. Yesterday I went out to get my hair cut. I had last cut my hair in March, a week before we went into lockdown. And even if I am having a big bald patch on the top and the hairline is in the advanced stages of receding, in 5 months my hair was long on the sides and back. When I sweat or after a shower, I hate it when my hair sticks to the back of my neck.

But up first I had to collect 9 packages from the post office – because the postman is a lazy bugger. I waited for the bugger to come and deliver them and since he doesn’t leave them on the table (no security guard due to Covid) at times, I have to go and collect it from the main post office in Ernakulam. What is it’s a weekend that I want to relax and stay in at home? I still have to go because this idiot can’t do his job probably. His excuse this week was that “were 9 packages” so he is too lazy to carry them. Why not on split it on different days? Idiot!

Anyways I went and collected my packages and then went to Ole to get my haircut. I had to, for the first time in my life, book an appointment to go get my haircut at this nice salon. They are accepting appointments for the most part to avoid crowds in their store. Is this what it feels like to be a women? Once that was done, I walked next door (they are in the same compound) and went to Couchyn, which is the bar of the the Grand Hotel, and bought 4 Amstel beers. Post that I went to an ATM and took out some money and then went to a grocery store for a few provisions. Then it was time for lunch and decided on Dominos and had a nice pizza.

After that it was back home to watch a movie – The Craft – and a nap. In the evening I had an over 3.5 hour WhatsApp video chat while he was drinking vodka and Sprite and I was drinking a couple of beers. He had KFC and I had a burger and fries in our respective homes and discussed scifi, movies families and shot the shit so to speak. It was fun.