3 Things

Three things you want in a relationship.

  1. Companionship: I want to live with a woman who wants to live with me and spend her days and nights with me as much as I want to do with her.
  2. Sharing experiences and interests : I would love to listen to music with my woman. Watch movies and tv shows together. Go to different places and enjoy the food and drink and talk about these. I would want a woman who I can introduce my favourite things to and share them with her so we can enjoy them together. I hope she also loves dogs and cats because I would like to raise a dog or two with her and a couple of cats.
  3. Love : Emotional and physical. I want to be one with her. And that’s emotional as well as sex. To be comfortable and sleep together knowing that the love we have is wonderful and great.

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Have You Ever Had Jury Duty?

So in India we do not have a jury system. But I think that’s a good thing. I don’t think we would do well with the jury system. I mean we can easily find people – second largest population in the world. How hard do you think it would be to get 12 people to sit in a jury? But it’s the next part that scares me.

The┬ájury┬ámust decide upon facts to determine someone’s guilt or non guilt. Listen to disputes and take notes on evidence and facts presented to assist in making a decision. Jurors add certainty to the law, that is the┬ájury┬ámerely states that the accused is guilty or not guilty and does not give a reason. That is what scares me because I am not sure about local people being able to do that without some bias or the other.

Therefore I have never had to do jury duty and never will while I live here in India. But it would be fun. Or maybe I have read too many John Grisham novels or watched too many movies that have jury trials.

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