What Role Will Robots Play In Our Future?

This is a tricky question for a scifi fanatic like me. Because we all know what the cylons in the reboot BSG do to the humans once they evolve past a certain stage.

Anyways, what I truly wish and hope that we do is that we get robots to do some tasks for us that are or can be dangerous. We make the robots in such a way that they are not damaged or ‘harmed” in any way when they do those tasks and jobs. Like for example security jobs and driving vehicles at night. Hey, since they will be programmed well we can totally avoid any sort or accidents and mishaps.

Then we should also look for making robots to be working trains, planes, cars – they won’t fall asleep or get tired late at night. It would be much safer. Then look at getting robots for residential and domestic help. Dad & mom could use a robot or two – with softer hands yet strong bodies – to help around the house and also to raise the kids. You need a feminine looking robot for help around the house and cooking, being nanny and helping to take care of the kids, feed them and do some of the housework. Along with a more masculine looking robot to help dad with his work, do some of the driving and helping with chores around the house as well as being companion to the dad while the female one is companion for the mum.

Hopefully by this time humans would have united and gotten rid of the poverty and crime and stand united as one race. We can then fully expect to travel the galaxy and see other planets and we will need protection from possible hostile alien races or just need help from the elements in other planets and moons. For that we will need militarized robots or robots that can wield weapons and fly our ships and other vehicles and help us. That is what I hope happens.

Prompt from 401 Prompts for Argumentative Writing at The New York Times

Banana & Strawberry

It  might not be my favourite flavour of ice cream from Baskin Robbins (or any place for that matter) but I do like this Banana Strawberry flavour mix that I bought this afternoon. Bite into pieces of fresh strawberries and bananas in every scoop of the delicious Banana ‘N Strawberry ice cream – as they say.

Well it’s not really all that. I have had this one before but this time I kinda felt that the ice cream was lacking a bit of quality. The banana part is actually pretty good, tastes refreshing and deliciously of the best kind of banana. You know, if you get a good banana and mash it in cold milk, ice and some vanilla ice cream – the freshness is intoxicating! This is similar but even more so. Top quality banana stuff.

Where it is lacking is the strawberry part. This time it felt it was more like the cheaper fake strawberry syrup with a bit of strawberry pieces in them. I didn’t enjoy them that much and I do remember liking it a lot more the first time I have had them. Oh well it still is an amazingly refreshing ice cream and we have more for dinner.