Self-driving Cars

Would You Like to Ride in a Car That Drives Itself?

Yes. Short answer.

Considering the fact that traffic jams, safety while on the road, tiredness and generally not having a license can be a deterrent to people not buying cars, I would think that the self-driving cars would be really popular. And for those who actually love to drive you can still do that once in a while. Just switch off the auto-drive option and do it manually. When you get tired, switch it back on again.

I would say that in the future if we had more roads and more space for those roads to be wide, a lot more wider, and much smoother to ride on, we can look at these kind of things. Self driving cars with an AI installed in it or a robot driver that is attached to the car that can navigate the roads much more easier and avoid accidents. Forget accidents, they will even avoid the mildest of nicks and bumps. No more people or animals getting hit by vehicles. No more crashes. That would be really cool.

Prompt from The Learning Network at The New York Times