On this day, Feb 4:

On this day, Feb 4:

The Last Time

When was the last time you said, “I love you.”?

It has been a long, long time since I said those words. To friends, maybe I have said that a few times and meant it. To my family (including cousins, aunts & uncles) I don’t say that except to my baby cousin sister because she is after all the baby of the family. Other than that I don’t say it to anybody.

I remember being in love. I used to have a girlfriend and for 5 years I always heard it from her. I said it almost every time I spoke to her or met her. And it felt good hearing it back. Saying it and meaning it always felt good. Hearing it and knowing that the person means it feels awesome. Sadly that was not meant to be. I wish I could have found true love since those years ended in my early 20s but it has never happened to me.

I have come close to falling in love deeply. I have felt something for a couple of ladies here and there. In fact back in 2007-08 I thought I had. When I look back on it now, I realize that it was just infatuation mixed with sheer loneliness that made me feel that it was. Since then I have kinda been on my lonely self.

Recently someone said it to me because she was feeling elated and happy. And I knew it was adoration, mixed with happiness on what I said to her that she said it to me. I said it to her as well but I only meant it as an older person cheering on a young 23 year old because she is awesome.

But it felt good!

Prompt from 28 Days of Writing Prompts at The SitsGirls