Renting A Dumpster

You call the dumpster rental company and make arrangements to have a dumpster delivered to a specific address at an agreed time. A delivery person drives your dumpster over to drop it off as arranged. You then proceed to fill the dumpster with junk and debris from your home, office, storage unit, or worksite.

Here are 5 things you to do before you rent a dumpster :

  • Preparation¬†for¬†the¬†Dumpster’s¬†Placement. Depending on the size of the¬†dumpster¬†that¬†you rent,¬†you¬†are going to need to find a place to house¬†it.
  • Shop Around and Compare Options.
  • Choose Your Container Wisely.
  • Know¬†What you¬†can Dispose of and¬†What you Can’t.
  • Plan Ahead.

Dumpster rental costs $381 on average, or between¬†$292¬†and $482. Most companies charge $200 to¬†$800 per week depending on the dumpster’s size. Long-term rentals cost $1,000 to $3,000 for a month or more. Most reputable dumpster rental companies will allow you to keep the bin for around¬†5 to 7 days, giving you plenty of time to fill it. The truth of the matter is that the average stay of a dumpster in a driveway is about three and a half days.

Eating At My PC

One of the bad habits that I have and one I am sure a lot of you also have is eating meals at the computer. Remember back in the old days when we were younger and older folks sad that it is bad to eat while you watch tv? Ah those were the days! But now due to Covid since a lot of us are working at home on desktops or laptops either given to us by our employers or working on our own, the eating at our computers is what our parents generation will be complaining about us.

I have found that I too fall into this bad habit; depending on what I am having for dinner. If it is rice or chappthi/roti and curry or anything that has like sambhar or chutney with it, I tend to eat at the dinner table. Sandwiches, wraps, pizzas, burgers, ramen or anything else that has drier ingredients and I am with a plate or bowl of it at my desk. Doesn’t matter if I am not working at my work system at that moment, I still do eat at my desk in my bedroom. Usually while I eat my dinner I play some Youtube videos on my laptop.

As I finish this post, I just ate my dinner – instant noodles with some ketchup – party at my work pc as I had to send out a couple of reports and partly at my laptop as I took a break for 15 minutes to listen to a podcast. This is crazy. I realize that while it is my choice, I tend to do this because I don’t want to be away for too long. Which is the wrong way to do things. It has to change.

The Taking of Deborah Logan

The Taking of Deborah Logan¬†is a 2014 American¬†found footage¬†supernatural horror film. It is the feature film¬†directorial debut¬†of¬†Adam Robitel, who co-wrote the screenplay and edited the film with¬†Gavin Heffernan. The film stars¬†Jill Larson,¬†Anne Ramsay, and¬†Michelle Ang. Set in¬†Virginia, it tells the story of a documentary crew making a film about¬†Alzheimer’s¬†patients who uncover something sinister while documenting a woman who has the disease. The film was produced by Jeff Rice and¬†Bryan Singer¬†and was released on October 21, 2014.