Saturday Night Is Awesome

The week cannot go fast enough and I always crave to shut down the work system at the end of my Friday shift so I can officially start my weekend. While I love all of it, Saturday night is the best kind and I always want to stretch it out as much as I can as I cannot get enough of it.

I usually watch a movie (or two depending on the length of the movie and when I start watching) in the afternoon while chilling on my bed. At 5pm I take a shower and a shave if I am in the mood for it and make coffee and get a snack. I will be back at my laptop looking through Youtube videos from my subscriptions and relaxing, wondering and deciding what to order for dinner. By 7pm I would have decided, after checking to see what my folks want to eat, unless I am ordering common food which I know all of us will like.

Then I will switch to rock music on Youtube and play some of my fav clips or discover new ones. I will crack open a beer (or two) and drink until the food arrives. I make sure my parents plates are filled and ready to serve and then I retire with my plate back to my bedroom and place it on the table. If there is a football match on that I want to watch, I will do switch on the tv. If not, more music and eating my dinner and drinking my beer. Some nights it’s rum & Coke or vodka & Sprite.

Once that is over I try and stay up as much as I can and stretch out my Saturday evening/night cause it’s an awesome feeling knowing that tomorrow is Sunday and you don’t have to work so you can sleep in if you want to. I guess for all of these reasons, Saturday evening is pretty special. Knowing that you have beer and pizza or something of that sort is an awesome feeling.

Smokey And The Bandit

Smokey and the Bandit¬†is a 1977 American¬†road¬†action comedy film¬†starring¬†Burt Reynolds,¬†Sally Field,¬†Jackie Gleason,¬†Jerry Reed,¬†Pat McCormick,¬†Paul Williams¬†and¬†Mike Henry. The directorial debut of¬†stuntman¬†Hal Needham, the film follows Bo “Bandit” Darville (Reynolds) and Cledus “Snowman” Snow (Reed), two¬†bootleggers¬†attempting to illegally transport 400 cases of¬†Coors beer¬†from¬†Texarkana¬†to¬†Atlanta. While the Snowman drives the truck carrying the beer, the Bandit drives a¬†Pontiac Trans Am¬†to distract law enforcement (called blocking) and keep the attention off the Snowman. During their run, they are pursued by Texas county sheriff¬†Buford T. Justice¬†(Gleason).¬†Smokey and the Bandit¬†was the¬†second highest-grossing domestic film of 1977, with $300 million against a budget of $4.3 million (only¬†Star Wars¬†made a higher gross that year, earning $775.5 million). Sally Field and Burt Reynolds began a relationship after meeting on set.