Most Wanted/Target Number One

Target Number One¬†(released as¬†Most Wanted¬†in the United States,¬†Suspect num√©ro un¬†in¬†Qu√©bec) is a 2020 Canadian¬†crime drama film¬†directed by¬†Daniel Roby.¬†Based on the true story of Alain Olivier, a Canadian drug addict from Quebec who spent eight years in prison in¬†Thailand¬†in the 1980s after having been set up as an unwitting pawn in an espionage plot by the¬†Canadian Security Intelligence Service, the film stars¬†Josh Hartnett¬†as Canadian investigative journalist¬†Victor Malarek, investigating the arrest of drug addict Daniel L√©ger (Antoine Olivier Pilon). The film’s cast also includes¬†Jim Gaffigan,¬†Stephen McHattie,¬†Don McKellar,¬†J.C. MacKenzie, and¬†Amanda Crew.

The Love Of Reading

When did you start to love reading?

I would have to say that it was from the time I started reading. As a little kid I have been fascinated by books and stories. I don’t remember the name of the series but I was addicted to these storybooks about this family and the things that they did – go for a picnic, library, car trip etc etc. As I got older comic books were my thing. I also liked Hardy boys, Nancy Drew, Fantastic 5 etc. Tintin & Astrix were my favourite for a very long time (they still are and good for all ages).

By the time I turned 12 I started reading more novels. They took me to a different world. While I have enjoyed the odd non-fiction book I prefer fiction any day of the month. While reading my mind conjures up what the place looks like, the colours, the way the people look, their clothes and hairstyles etc etc. It was at times even better than watching tv. Ofcourse over the years I have now become too lazy to actually sit and read books and prefer Youtube and tv shows and movies to reading. So much so that I don’t think I have read a full book in over 3 years.

3 years! In previous years I would have finished 3 books in 10 days or a fortnight at the most. Not these days though.