Life Before The Internet

What did we do before the internet on the weekends?

Well I can tell you what I did before I got broadband. Before the internet became widely available in my neck of the woods, I spent a lot of time listening to music on my stereo system, read a lot of books and watched movies on cable tv. I don’t do any of these anymore. Well the music is now mostly on Youtube and mp3s but I haven’t read a full book in 3-4 years and I don’t know when I will do that again.

A typical weekend spent at home would have been me waking up in the morning and getting a coffee and reading the sports pages of the newspaper. Post breakfast and a shave and a shower I would check the newspapers for the movies and tv shows that I would be interested in seeing that would be showing on cable and the timings. Once that is planned out, I would either be watching tv or going back up to my room on the upper floor to listen to music and maybe find a book to read. So cassette tape or cd selected and playing on my stereo I would lie in bed and read until it was time for lunch.

Lunch followed by lazing in the living room and watching a movie or two. If there wasn’t anything worth watching on tv then I would go back up to my room and continue listening to music and reading. Coffee and snack would following at 5pm and then back to my room. It is usually by 7 pm that I start to watch most of the cable tv shows and movies usually started post 11 pm or so. After that I would wait for sleep to catch up before switching the tv off and going to bed. Simple and yet pleasurable.

3 Crazy Facts From Cameroon

Two men in Cameroon were each sentenced to 5 years in prison for “looking gay“, after entering a bar together and ordering Bailey’s Irish Cream.

In 1986, 1.6 million tonnes of CO2 erupted from Lake Nyos in Cameroon, displacing all the air and suffocating some 1,700 people within 25 kilometers of the lake.

In 1931, people in Cameroon collected money to send to the “starving Americans“, all together it amounted to $3.77.