3 Tips For A Happier Marriage

Although I am not married I have some idea about what I would do and what my spouse should do to ensure that we have a happy marriage. It’s all about adjustments and compromise and sharing things.

1. Sharing of duties and errands. Its no fun to maintain the house. Unless we live in a Star Trek style futuristic world, homes have to be cleaned, dusted & maintained. Make sure each of you share in the chores around the house. For me I know I would do the laundry and trash, maybe the wife can do the folding and dusting (I do have asthma). Things like that make it a lot more easier to manage. Someone pays the bills and another does the out of house errands.

2. Be each other’s confidant & best friend. The best marriages are usually the ones where each spouse relies on each other for many things and are the rock for the other. Involve each other in your day and your feelings. Share your pain, glory and achievements.

3. Have a hobby together. Cooking & barbecuing? Running, jogging or walking? Going for long walks or drives? Wanna play games at home like pool, Scrable or cards? Share the same movies & music? The more things you do together, the easier it would be find “your thing”. Raising dogs and cats together? Some couples who are awesome together usually have a few activities that they enjoy and look forward to doing as a couple.

For sure being part of a successful marriage is tough but you can find ways to improve what you have.