Share 5 Things You Absolutely Can Not Live Without

Share 5 things you absolutely can not live without

1. Music : Specifically hard rock & heavy metal. While I do love some pop (mostly 70s & 80s pop and maybe a few from the 90s) overall rock is my life. I do not think life would be worth living if we didn’t have music in our life and I know my life would be sorrier if I couldn’t listen to the stuff that I love. If all heavy metal & hard rock disappeared from the universe and only rap & hip-hop and shitty pop music remained, then I would prefer to not listen to any music at all.

2. Star Trek : Whenever I have been away from watching Star Trek for a while, like a few months, because I am too busy watching other stuff and I come back – it’s like this was something I was missing in my life so badly and now my life is enjoying it a lot and it’s a need. More than just the scifi aspects of it, it’s the stories and ideas and philosophies that have fueled my thinking and my life. It’s the future that I hope for. An even more futuristic version of it is what I always dream about – but it is heavily influenced by Trek.

3. Internet : How else can I share my feelings and thoughts and idea with you? How else can I watch / stream content, buy so much stuff that I need or want? I spend a lot of time online, watching clips on Youtube, blogging and doing all sort of things on Facebook & Twitter as well. I would never want to not have internet at my home.

4. Coffee : Need I say more? I love coffee even more than pizza or beer or vodka (I know, I know) or burgers! Or Coke/Pepsi/7up/Sprite. Because unlike the others, which I love a lot, I need coffee on a daily basis and I drink like 3-4 cups of that delicious, life giving

5. Football : I will always love this sport. It is important that I get to watch football. Not daily but atleast a few times a month. I love club and international football. Sometimes I even need to check transfers and other news when there aren’t any games going on, a few times a day. It is the beautiful game/sport and the people’s game and it is in your blood.

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It’s Not The Ritz-Carlton, But It Will Have To Do!

What is your favorite room in your house?

So I wrote a post about this very same blog prompt in 2019 about my room in our old house, which we sold in 2006. This time I will write about my bedroom in the place I currently live, which is a 1200 sq ft 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment I share with my parents.

My bedroom is both my bedroom and currently my home office. Since the pandemic, I have been working from home and my erstwhile laptop table is now my work desk which has my office given dual boot CPU and 21 inch monitor plus mouse and large keyboard. I have a couple of knick-knacks on it, along with some battery spares. I have enough space for my coffee mug or a pint glass for Pepsi or anything else.

Then I have a chair, my queen sized bed and my two bookshelves which house my dvd collection and some Star Trek spaceship models. I also have a built-in cupboard from some clothes and which I mainly use for storage. I also have a clothes hanger stand for my shirts and pants and belts. And oh yeah, I also have a 32 inch tv on the wall opposite my bed so I can watch movies & tv shows from my bed.

That’s it. This is my sanctuary and my retreat.

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