Kangaroo Meat Pizza From The Land Down Under

One of the dumbest arguments on the internet that has been going on for a few years is if pineapple belongs on pizza. Yeah, the big debate among pizza purists revolved around whether pineapple chunks were ever acceptable as a topping. Listen, I love the Hawaiian pizza styles and even the variations that I have had the chance to try here like the spicy chicken with pineapple chunks and jalapenos. The sweet with the savoury and spiciness combines really well for a good time.

And the way the people in the NO Pineapple camp act as if that is the weirdest topping that they have every heard of on a pizza. Well buckle up princesses, there are a whole lot more than that. Vegemite pizza, Hawaiian spaghetti pizza, Cheesey Durian pizza from Malaysia, Bubble Tea pizza from Taiwan and Sweet potato pizza from South Korea! Looks like we can’t keep our friends Down Under down – other than the utterly disgusting sounding vegemite pizza they also have a delicious looking meat one with The Australian Heritage Hotel in Sydney serving up the Pepper Kangaroo Pizza, which comes heavily laden with native pepper, cranberries, roast peppers and paprika mayo.

Now that is something that I would fly to Australia for.

What Have You Learned From The Past Year

2021 was one of the weirdest years. This is the first year we have spent throughout with the pandemic – 2020 started out ok for most of us and then late March we went into quarantine – so the world has had to learn to adjust to Covid-19, the variations and then ofcourse Omicron lifted it’s ugly head up and out to the world. We learned that this is not over and we are not out of the woods and that this pandemic is not going away anytime soon. We have to learn to work around it.

  • Health is very important. With two major issues that I have had to deal with this year, including my first ever non-voluntary hospital stay for 5 days in October. December 2020 I started getting my issues with vertigo and that treatment and a few follow ups with the doctor went up to almost February. Then in October I was hospitalized since I started suffering those major cramps and in late December I banged my knee. I want to be free from these kinds of pain and take care of my health.
  • Work at home is more than possible and companies are lying to you. Most of the work that we have done at home is actually very profitable for your employers and clients. We tend to be freer from distractions and idle chats and can get more done. If your IT enable employers disagree, they are lying to your face. There is no reason why those of us who have worked remotely cannot continue to do so. No reason whatsoever. And companies need to get their act together and make it happen. We have already seen mass resignations in many countries because of various reasons – one was forcing employees to come back to working in the office for a job they can easily work from home.
  • I want to stop making excuses for not going out. Especially since May of last year, when we went into the second lockdown, I have found it comfortable to sit in my room and not venture out. I have only been to a handful of hospital/doctor’s visits and then nothing else. I cannot continue to do that and I need to start going out a bit more.
  • It might be time to look out for a new job with a bigger pay package and better hours. I’m sure of this last one. I cannot continue working this profile for much longer and I am getting tired of it.

Prompt from 31 Blog Post Ideas for January at The Frangipani Creative