I Will Pick The Red & The White

Someone comes into your house, puts a gun to your head and tells you that you must move to another country. You can go anywhere, it’ll last for five years and all of your living costs will be taken care of. Where do you move? Why?
Even before that someone could ask the question I would say Canada and I would demand that they take me there. Pack my bags, include my essentials and medicines and let’s go. I make no secrets about it; I am Canadian in spirit and I wish I were born & raised there or could have atleast moved there. I want to live with the Canadians and if you are gonna take me there and all my living costs are taken care of – why not!

I can break it down to a few main reasons as to why I want to go to Canada and they are, in no particular order:

  • Canadian bands & music : several of my fav solo sings, musicians and bands are Canadian. I could name Rush, Barenaked Ladies, Nickleback, Our Lady Peace, Bryan Adams, Corb Lund, The Tea Party, Finger 11, Big Sugar, Sarah McLachlan, Terri Clar, Shania Twain, Alanis Morrisette, Neil Young, Jesse Cook, Crash Test Dummies etc among them.
  • NHL Hockey : I know that most teams are in the US but hockey is a Canadian sport. There are more Canadians playing in the league than other nationalities combined. It is a cultural thing and I want to experience it.
  • Canadian food : not known for being a culinary destination yet Canada has their own thing going with various poutine, Nanaimo bars, beaver tails and a lot more. Plus their fast food chains seem more wholesome than most American ones : Tim Hortons, Second Cup, Pizza Pizza, Pizza Nova, Boston Pizza, Panago, A&W Canada, Harveys etc
  • The 4 seasons : even if Canada is a very cold country and gets a lot of snow their summers, spring & particularly autumns is very beautiful. I love to see the colours and beauty of their cities, countryside and nature parks.
  • The cities : With Ontario leading in population and many big, medium and small cities you have varied choices, while Quebec has Montreal & Quebec City plus a few smaller cities to pick from. Although Nova Scotia may only have Halifax, New Brunswick has 3 small cities in Saint John, Moncton & Fredericton. Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta have 1 to 3 cities each & BC has 2 big ones plus a few smaller ones to choose from. And you have the Irish cousin in St. Johns – the most colourful of them all. And don’t forget Niagara Falls. I want to see them all.
  • Other places of interest : too many to quote here but off the top of my head, Churchill, Banff, Jasper, Whistler, Muskoka county are just some of the places that I want to visit and spend time in. I even want to see the main parts of the Territories.
  • Canadians themselves : the people seem friendly, goofy, wholesome and funny and the women are pretty. What more can you ask for!

Prompt from 31 Writing Prompts for January 2021 | For Medium, Blogs and More at Lyucyu.medium.com

Having A Ton Of Money Vs Being Very Famous

Would you rather have a lot of money or be very famous?

Easy, I would pick the money. I would rather have lots and lots of money rather than be very famous. I do not know what I would do with that kind of fame. I am a bit of a homebody and not really an introvert but I hate crowds and avoid them as much as I can. So instead I would want to get all that money. They say that money can’t buy you happiness. Or love (thanks Ringo, John, George & Paul) for that. But it’s not as simple as that, not so cut and dry. Money can lead you to get the things that you wanted and thus help you towards getting highly satisfied in life. You would need money to buy you a lot of things that are essential in life and goes a long way to making your life secure & comfortable. Without which you cannot be happy.

I don’t want just comfortable but I want luxury. I want money, so much money, that it will make Jeff Bezos blush. I want to be able to have homes in many cities so I can visit and live out wherever I want to. Best homes, excellent furniture, beds, tables, chairs, interior decor, kitchen, bathrooms etc. The best food cooked for me and my family by gourmet chefs, catered events and drinks galore. Buy comfort, the best house or accommodation, the best in medicine & medical care, the best in entertainment, food and drink! That is something that everyone cannot do for their loved ones. But imagine you had so much money that spending it for doing this all even for 45-50 people will just be a drop in the bucket for you and your wealth!

That’s how much money I want – I want big houses for all my family. I want them to be able to quit their jobs and enjoy the rest of their lives. Go on vacations, have fun, party hard and travel the world. Go to Las Vegas with my cousins and gamble and not worry about the cost. Go to Monaco and party with royalty. Go to Dubai, Milan, London for shopping trips a few times a year. Watch Wimbledon in the plush, luxury boxes. Watch a few football matches a year. Go to attend rock concerts with my cousins. That’s the kind of money I want.

Prompt from Lalilo January ’22 Writing Prompt Calendar at Lailo.com