ROSHAN’S ELEVEN: First 11 Songs Listened To In 2022

My Roshan’s Eleven first 11 songs I listened to in the New Year has been a constant thing since 2007. This year however on January 1st, I just wasn’t in the listening to music mood. Usually I post about the first 11 songs that I listen to on my Mp3 player on my system. I pick them at random or like today when I specifically selected a couple of songs because I was thinking about them. I must say that I did play some songs from Youtube. So a few days late but here is 2022’s list:

  • Cuts Like A Knife – Bryan Adams
  • One Thing – Finger Eleven
  • Hurricane Years – Alice Cooper
  • Angel Of Death – Slayer
  • Only – Anthrax
  • Islands In The Stream – Dolly Parton & Kelly Rogers
  • Winter – Tori Amos
  • Gypsy Boots – Terri Clark
  • Blood & Tears – Steve Vai
  • Paper Moon – Our Lady Peace
  • Wild Night – John Mellancamp & Meshell Ndegeocello

In Charge Of The World For One Year

You’re in total control of the world for a year and can decide what to do, irrespective of the cost or any political woes that may arise. What things are you going to implement? Why?

Ok, this is what I have been waiting for. ***cracks knuckles*** Listen up people this is the agenda for you and everyone else. I am in charge and you will all have to do as I say. First things first – I’m banning all religious institutions – the mosques, temples, churches, synagogues and all that stuff. All disbanded and I am banning religion too. Out with your Allah, Yeshuah, Krishna and Shiva. All the money that the Vatican, churches, Mecca and other mosques and temples in India have – is confiscated. No more hoarding of gold, jewels, money ya filthy animals!

That money plus all the extra cash we are getting from taxing the ridiculously wealthy is going to feed, clothe and house the poor. In this way I will ensure that every human on the planet has a safe, comfortable home to go to every night. The medical and scientific community gets full backing to make these things possible and we look at various methods to make our lives even better. I would ensure that the government structures of the world are changed and politicians cannot get rich off the public. Armies will be defunded and I will make it one world army as now, nations are just for jurisdictions and taking care of. Politics as you knew it, is now dead.

Laws are gonna be fair but very strict. No hurting anyone. Oh and also I will make it so that all cats and dogs get adopted or atleast taken care of by a set of humans. It will be difficult for you to see strays. No forced marriages and we make education something easily available for everyone. And I will make Friday part of the weekend and give every new baby chocolate eclair.

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