Favourite Thing To Eat For Breakfast In The Morning

What is your favourite thing to eat in the morning during breakfast and why?

The very best breakfast that I would like to have and is probably my favourite thing to have in the morning is a stuffed omelette with cheese & mushrooms. 2-3 eggs, finely chopped up onions are optional, button mushrooms that are cut in a half, or quarters if they are big enough, and some big chunks of cheddar or mozzarella cheese. When you cook that up with that fluffy n thick omelette with the saltiness of the cheese and the soft munch of the mushrooms – yum!

Now you can add things if you want to like chopped up tomatoes or peppers to add to the dish. It can also fill it up a lot more. When I was younger, I used to go to this small cafe near my house and buy stuff beef omelettes or chicken omelettes which were really awesome tasting with some toasted bread. One of the bars that I used to go to also had some awesome beef omelettes that I would have with beer or vodka.

So yeah no matter what else you add to it, my preferred way of having my favourite breakfast is a nice thick, cheesy mushroom omelette. Wash it down with some coffee and relax as I listen to a podcast or watch sports updates on Youtube. That’s what I would love to have for breakfast.

Prompt from March Writing Challenge at Imagine Forest

This Is A Good Time To Blog

Do you have a job, full time or otherwise and blog? How do you manage your time to allow you to blog? I’m sure others would appreciate a post full of pointers and tips.

Yes ofcourse. I do not have the luxury of making a proper living off the earnings that I make on this blog. In fact that has almost dried up to just a trickle. Back in late November of 2018 I started getting a lot of requests for sponsored posts. I started making a bunch of money off the posts that I was getting sent or, in some other cases, getting asked to write on a subject and insert said company/businesses links in the post. Either way is fine with me as long as they pay me.

So, I was able to spend money on a bunch of stuff but since mid 2021 it has all but dried up. I get some from one agency every month and my usual ones, who used to send me a lot of stuff in 2019 all the way up to end of 2020, now sends me stuff once in a while. That is never enough to sustain any kind of lifestyle. It currently just lets me spend some money on a few things, not too expensive, that I might need on a monthly basis. Like maybe a shirt or some beer or an import dvd set or two some novels. Or maybe a few beers. That’s about it.

So my full time job is what I use to feed my family (dad & mom) & pay the bills and have some left over for some fun. When I am not working I tend to spend a lot of time online. I make sure that I have enough time to create 1-3 posts, which includes sponsored ones as well as whatever I want to share. Sometimes even images and videos. I just do. Since I do not have a social life anymore. LOL!