My Fav Apps On My Phone That Aren’t Social Media Apps

Tell us your favorite apps, other than social media, on your phone which you use regularly?

Alright so non-social media apps that I use on my phone regularly are :

Wordling : as the name probably suggests it is a game much like or Wordle and yes I too am obsessed with this word guessing craze.

8 Ball Pool : a shooting pool game that you can play against the computer/phone or players from around the world

Zomato : food delivery app

Swiggy : food delivery app; also has groceries delivery as well

Pull The Pin : It is a simple game where you have to get coloured balls safely into a bucket

HDFC Banking app : My main bank is HDFC and it’s where my monthly salary and my payments via PayPal gets deposited. I use it for making payments and transferring money.

Bowling King : a bowling game that you play against players from around the world.

Amazon Music : Best music app that I currently use on a regular basis.

Big Basket : is a grocery delivery service that is really good but takes atleast a day or two to deliver. If you are not in a rush, it’s a great choice.

PayPal : Mainly used to receive payments for sponsored posts.

RBL Credit Card app : I have a credit card from RBL and I use the app mainly to check statuses of payments and to track them.

eBay : the world famous app to buy stuff. I usually buy on dvds and a few Funko pops.

Amazon in : Ah, the best one. I buy a lot of stuff online and Amazon India is the one I go to first. From toiletries, coffee, snacks, shirts, books, phones, laptops etc etc.

GooglePay : A payment app that I connect with my bank account to pay for stuff.

PhonePe : A payment app that I connect with my bank account to pay for stuff.

Prompt from 31 Blog Post Ideas for the month of March at The Frangipani Creative

Saving Up For A New Phone?

What are you saving up for? A holiday (I’m being frugal so I can run wild in the aisles of Sephora in New York), a new car, a blow out shopping spree or perhaps something more practical?

Every couple of years I change my phone. Currently I have two phones – – my Oppo F11 Pro is almost 4 years old and my main phone, which is the RealMe X2 Pro is gonna be 2 in July. What I would like to do is save up money to buy the Samsung Galaxy S22+ and  I think I will sell off the Oppo and get a new phone to be my main one and keep the RealMe as my backup.

I thought of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra but that is basically a Note and I am not sure that I want to get a Note style Samsung. Also it is well above a lakh. Even the 22 & the 22+ are priced ridiculously high but I do like them. I have always wanted a flagship kind of phone but what I am willing to pay for it is always another question. However the Samsung Galaxy range is always reliable, classy and works like a charm. So I would love to get one. Only thing is ofcourse the price.

So I’m gonna try to save some money in the next few months and also see if I can get some extra cash on the side, either my blog or some investment thingy we have. If I can get that money I will splash it on the phone. Or maybe I won’t. Hmmm, I am confused but I do think that I will get a new phone this year.