What Would You Like To Invent?

What would you like to invent?

I still come back to the replicator as shown in Star Trek shows. Think about it; we could wipe out poverty, hunger, homelessness in one giant swoop. We would no longer have anyone hungry if I could come up with one replicator that can then conjure up replicators for all. So you can replicate parts for big homes for everyone. No more poor, no homelessness! Food and drink – and most importantly, all kinds of food and drink so you have all the choice in the world – without having to cook will be available, so no one goes hungry. Build that house, get some luxury in your life and sleep in peace after a nice meal.

That would also be for everything you need like clothes, utensils, books, cosmetics, toiletries – anything that you can think of. So we will have no need for money as everyone’s needs are met. No one will have to suffer for want or need for anything. And you also get access to medicine easily. No more going to a store or waiting for it to get delivered to you. Press a button, name your item and boom it is now there with you. Medicine and food for your pets. Want to host a impromptu party for your friends or relatives coming over? No more slaving in the kitchen. Create your own menu or a buffet or let the individual folks decide what they want to chow down on that day. Drinks party! Pizza party! Beer party! It would be so much fun.

That will also mean that you can travel easily. Why carry things with you when you move towns as you can easily set thing up in the new place within a couple of hours of replicating the things that you need. New bed, new couch, table, etc etc. Bowl and food for the cat and dog – easily done! So I wish I could really do that and help humanity (kittykind & dogkind as well) in this major way.

Prompt from Lalilo March ’22 Writing Prompt Calendar at Lailo.com