How To Focus On Things In Your Life For More Happiness

Things to focus on in your life for more happiness

One of my favourites quotes is actually also the title of a great album by Canadian rock band Our Lady Peace. The title is “Happiness……is not a fish that you can catch” and that is a awesome quote to go by. You have to really work at it and it can be a real elusive thing. But here are some things that you can focus on, in my view, to gain more happiness.

Step one is to surround yourself with people and things that you love. Cut out those relationships that are hostile and causing you a lot of stress and pain. If you do that you will feel a lot more at peace and with peace that leads to more happiness. Keep more positive minded people with your best interest at heart near you and interact with them a lot more. Also spend more time with your friends if you can. Call them, text them and laugh over silly jokes that you like.

Have some time for you. Everyday! Even if it just 30 minutes or so, some me time is essential for a saner existence. Do things that you like. Make yourself a nice big cup of your favourite beverage and enjoy listening to music that you like. Watch clips of comedy shows that you adore. Personal time is very important to all of us as it helps to keep us sane. Also, keep some aside to day dream if you are like me and love to do that. It is very soothing and essential for me as I go to sleep.

Love is very important to us to make us happy. Loving someone who loves you back is always very rewarding. Making them happy and seeing the joy that you have created in them will always make you swell with joy yourself. Being loved is awesome. That is the same if it is either humans or pets alike. Knowing that the person or animal opposite you loves you a lot does a lot of things to your well being. Sit with your loved ones and do things together you all enjoy doing.

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Have you ever written a fan letter/e-mail to an actor/actress or author/musician? Who wrote back, if anyone?

I haven’t written many but two stand out as I got responses from both and both were awesome.

  1. Jayne Heitmeyer – she is an actress from Montreal, Canada who at the time I had watched on two shows on tv – NightMan, Sirens & 3 seasons of Earth: Final Conflict in the 1990s and early 2000s.She has since been on one of my fav tv shows of all times 19–2, in a small recurring role. I had a huge crush on her and wrote to the address of her fan club. I got a nice reply back and as part of a New Year offer, she included me in the autographed profile photo giveaway and she didn’t know she had any fans in India. I still have the photograph/profile shot tucked away in my belongings.
  2. Bassist extra-ordinarrie Billy Sheehan – many years ago I sent out an email to one of the best bass players the world has ever known. He was kind enough to reply and we had a back and forth a few times. That was so awesome of him. I am a big fan and follow him on Facebook where he has fun posts and pics from his daily life along with watching him perform live on stage with his various bands.